‘How much does the Update in Under 30 podcast subscription cost?’ I hear you ask…about 1/4 of a packet of Activated Almonds per month, that’s about 1 activated almond per day I reckon. This is a Byron Shire joke, the idea being that Activated Almonds are the highest value currency in our community to which we compare all other costs and expenses 😉

 But seriously, I did forget to mention the price in my last blog because I was busy being impassioned about the purpose, so the lowdown is these podcasts costs less than $13 a month.

That’s with the current 15% discount that is available for just the next 7 days.

If you’re from Melbourne, this is the equivalent of just 3 lattes (hold the smashed avocado) across the month – which averages to just over one tablespoon of the black gear a day.  But what about those of you from Sydney or Tassie or Perth???  What is the appropriate cost comparison there?….a piece of a doormat to the house you can’t possibly buy? one big bowl of hearty warming soup? a piece of coal?  Fill me in people from other places…or is Byron the only place with its own unique legal tender?

“I just love these updates. I think you get at least a 10-to-1 ratio of investment happening! For the 30 min update, I think I’m saving myself at least 300 mins worth of finding the research, analysing the conflicting views, and summarising the material down into clinically relevant actions I can take back to work. They are such a time-saver.”  Kate Worsfold