I’ve been travelling a lot for work lately, so in my absence my teens have been under the influence of others and as a result they’ve returned with new & improved habits.  This one is gold:

1 egg  + 1 banana

beat egg & add to mashed banana

pour into a hot pan, coated with small amount of oil

flip and serve with youghurt and fresh berries

Now maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know about this insanely simple way of making high protein pancakes and my kids have been deprived for the last 17 years but this little recipe is proving to be an absolute winner in our house because

a) these fluffy pancakes are SUPER tasty so the kids make them for beakfast or after school snacks

b) it’s a very easy way to increase the protein intake of a teen’s breakfast

c) in terms of acid base balance, in a 1:1 ratio these ingredients produce a net alkaline meal in spite of being high protein &

d) we are FINALLY clearing the glutt of fresh eggs that we always have because my chooks are just too damn happy  (Despondex stat!

Now of course this recipe won’t be appropriate for all, depending on food sensitivities but I would love to hear your ideas if you’ve got variations that can work for individuals who are egg free or amine sensitive.  Gotta love a recipe with 2 ingredients & 3 steps – now that’s my sort of cooking 😉

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