I know my busy mum patients think I am probably not to be taken literally when I say, ‘Cook buckets of extras every time you step foot inside the kitchen’, but I am.  My slow cooker and my ‘buckets’ are two of my favourite kitchen resources I couldn’t live without.  Check out my fridge.  These ‘buckets’ can keep a family of up to 6 or 7 (yes my family size changes at each meal) going for almost a week. There are additional buckets of main meals (soups, slow cooks, curries) waiting in the wings in our freezer for when the shelves start to look bare.

Our ‘buckets’ mean that our kids, who don’t really ‘do’ snacks or a lot of (ab)normal processed foods, can see the menu for breakfast (yes, their absolute favourite breakfast is soup), self-serve leftover options to take to school and satiate themselves during the after school feeding frenzy! Gold.

I am a pretty busy mum.  With 16 year old twins who have lots of extracurricular interests (the one still in plaster is a shining example of this!), a partner and his two children, a full time work role that has many many arms to it and a desire for adequate sleep, rest and exercise myself (!!), I have to employ some serious time management gems.

The thing is, in among all that spins in our family’s world everyday I am not prepared to offer up our food choices or my family’s nutrition as the sacrificial lamb!  No one should. Busy mums and busy families need all the fabulously nourishing home cooked food we can muster!

So I thought I’d share a pic and would love anyone else to share pics of their fridge with clever bulk food dispensing ideas for the masses! 🙂

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