I was typing notes furiously throughout the ACNEM Science of Nutrition conference last weekend. So many gems, so many gems, from researchers & clinicians – I just got so much out of it. I love the slightly awkward mismatch between the research world, aka ‘don’t prescribe anything til you have a high quality meta-analysis to say it works!’ and the clinical reality, aka, ‘I prescribe things every day in the absence of even one RCT because otherwise we just have to completely write off this generation with all their ‘atypical’ ‘unfixable’ debilitating illnesses!’ Both perspectives are valid and both groups of presenters had some absolute gold to contribute to the current practise and understanding of integrative medicine.

The sound of my manic tapping on the keyboard was only accompanied by the constant narrative in my head, saying ‘there has to be a way to share this with everyone who’s not here…quickly!’ 

Being the progressive technology head that I am (not) I immediately thought…what’s that Twitter thing? That social media platform old orange face uses from his golden throne to get his message out?  Surely if he can – I can! @RANutrition!!

But seriously.  The very real conundrum I mentioned before, that we face constantly, is research moving too slowly for practice… well it’s echoed for me by the fact that when I attend a kick-ass conference like the ACNEM one was this year, only me and 300 others got to hear that.  I madly search the room for familiar faces and realise that’s only about 100 other naturopaths in particular and I think, ‘Dang!’ we gotta get this info out there to more people and more quickly…so I’m going to give Twitter a crack this weekend at MINDD – so that the benefit of my attendance can go just a little bit further.

And in the meantime I will do some Twitter warm-ups with some Tweets from the ACNEM one.  Just to check I know how to drive this thing…watch out people..I’m on my Ls!!! Follow me if you’re game @RANutrition :)