Healthy Workplaces

Diverse business group meetingRachel has been working in the area of corporate health for the past 8 years, initially as a field-based health-checker and presenter and, more recently, a program developer and data management specialist.

Having worked for a number of corporate clients particularly in the mining & resource sector, Rachel has a strong understanding of the health risks faced by workforces working in remote areas and offers a range of solutions including educational packages, food service evaluation & recommendations to redress these risks.

Data collection systems

Rachel is highly regarded for her ability to develop tailored data collection systems which offer corporate health providers and their clients an easy and secure way to collect and store health check data, as well as facilitating a sophisticated depth of analysis. In addition to identifying overall risks, the elucidation of sub-groups most at risk, e.g. males versus females, select age groups, specific job descriptions, provides a more in-depth understanding of the risks faced by a workforce, their influences and solutions.

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