So you’ve heard part of that BIMA story…now here’s the rest. To be honest, I was pretty surprised to win anything given I’ve spent the last 20 years ‘agitating’, challenging the misinformation and strongholds of the big companies etc. Funnily enough, in my post award ceremony interview, my interviewer dished up the biggest compliment of the evening when he said, “Rachel, we all know you can’t be bought!” 

Nutritional & naturopathic medicine is an exciting dynamic field that is growing its evidence base every day but we need to be vigilant about our sources of information, their credibility etc.  I know that what motivates me the most to share what I know is the desperate need for independent voices, free from commercial bias that can help us move our medicine forward on solid ground. 

I’m sure you know that when I’m fired up I can talk underwater.  I just want to reach as many practitioners as possible, to make this campfire conversation between us (not between us and vested interests) ever enlarging, so that we can all be critical thinkers and ultimately practice the best integrative medicine – because the best can be life-changing.

That’s where of course the motivation for the Australian Naturopathic Summit came from & it’s the inspiration behind the Update in Under 30 podcasts – short, punchy, synthesised soundbytes, that are free from commercial bias that move our knowledge, our skills and ultimately our profession forward.   

When I choose the topics for these podcasts, feverishly research and record them, I am so excited to have your attention, so I think long and hard about what information has earned the 30 mins of your time you are going to dedicate to listening to it.  This is the ongoing conversation I want to have every month with you, to keep you in the loop, to share something extraordinary, to build our collective knowledge base.

So this is why I’m still talking 15 years on (!) :)  And as part of growing the ‘campfire conversation’, if you’re not already toasting monthly marshmallows with me then I invite you to join in & I’m offering a discounted subscription for the next 10 days as encouragement to take part in this important conversation  – about prescribing, about assessment, about ethics, about practising integrative medicine.

“Rachel’s update in under 30, has become the most useful, productive and effective way for me to learn new information. These days I am valuing my time, far more and I want and need to keep my learning going for my business. The update in under 30 podcasts are absolutely fantastic, I can listen to it when it suits me, it’s only half an hour so it’s easy to find the time for it and I can stop and start it, as I am popping the key points into the format I need ready for easy access when I have clients in front of me. And as always, Rachel has a style of teaching that has always worked for me.” Maria Harpas, Adelaide