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Rachel’s popular seminars have been running from Perth to Auckland but if you didn’t manage to catch them and cannot watch the presentation for some reason you can get pdf copies of the complete presentation here, online.

Rachel has also written extensively in several Australian text books including all three editions of Herbs & natural supplements – an evidence based guide by Braun & Cohen. She also contributed to the recent seminal text, Clinical Naturopathic Medicine by Leah Hechtman (Elsevier 2011). These books are available on the RAN Store Books page.

Previously Rachel was a key contributor to the Australian favourite: Journal of Complementary Medicine, where she regularly wrote on a variety of nutritional issues. Rachel’s writing frequently attracts high quality praise as illustrated by this letter to the editor of JCM. You can read Rachel’s ‘ popular ‘Sweet drinks & obesity’ and ‘Iron’ articles online. Most recently, she has been published some of the findings of her research into zinc assessment in the highly regarded Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Rachel is also often asked by publishers to review nutrition and naturopathic texts, keeping her abreast of the latest developments in both nutrition and the broader complementary medicine field.

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