Access the Experts – “Infectious drivers of psychiatric illness – the latest on best practice assessment & management”

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Recording of Webinar 2 of Access the Experts

“Access the Experts with Rachel Arthur” is a webinar series focusing on the best of Mental Health Education.  Rachel interviews four hand-picked guest speakers about a particular area of expertise in Mental Health. Each is a clinician with years of experience (from a psychologist to a GP to psychiatrists) who Rachel has worked with and/or been mentored by and she is thrilled that these interviews create an avenue to share their incredible & very practical knowledge with a wider audience. Webinar 2: July 14th at 7pm (AEST)

Robert Bransfield

“Infectious drivers of psychiatric illness  – the latest on best practice assessment & management”

From bacteria to fungi, yeasts and viruses, Robert presents an overwhelming body of evidence that implicates various infections in the pathogenesis of mental health conditions. Regarded, in particular, as an expert in Lyme’s disease, he opens up a whole new Pandora’s box regarding the role of numerous commonly encountered infections in an epidemic of mental ill-health  As non-antibiotic prescribing clinicians, what do we do with this new information?  How do we identify those patients who are the most likely candidates and then how might we confirm and address our suspicions?  Find out all this and more in what promises to be a very dynamic interview!

In this interview Robert will outline some of compelling evidence linking actual CNS infections with psychiatric presentations and he asks the question – Are we missing one of the main unrecognised drivers behind mental health problems?  The list of microbes capable of producing these kind of presentations is extensive and many will surprise you.  Robert will will speak specifically to the impact of Lyme’s disease on mental health. Robert’s incredible knowledge in this area and in psychiatry generally, maps the way for clinicians to include this critical differential in our diagnostic work up of the mental health patient and then tackles the more difficult discussion of what to do if we are trying to minimise antibiotic exposure.

As an Associate Clinical Professor at Rutgers-RWJ Medical School and past president of both the New Jersey Psychiatric Association and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, Robert is both active clinically and educationally and in a prime position to guide us through this emerging field of psychiatry and improved treatment approaches. 


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