How to Safely Supplement with Selenium (1hr Audiovisual & Notes 2 CPE Points)

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Get up to date on all the big selenium questions with this 1hr presentation that brings together all the very latest research & will change the way you use this mineral in practice.

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How to Safely Supplement Selenium (Audiovisual)

The links between excess selenium & cancer marked an important discovery in nutritional research & the phenomenon now known as the ‘selenium U-shaped curve’.  In the meantime, research in other areas: thyroid, immunity, heavy metal toxicity has progressed in leaps & bounds, expanding our ideas about selenium’s therapeutic applications & potential. However, the difference between deficiency & excess is more narrow with selenium than almost any other nutrient, so getting the dose right is critical.  How do you do this? To boot – the many different forms have different actions – when do you use selenised yeast or selenomethionine & are there some circumstances where inorganic forms actually offer advantages?


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