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In addition to the books Rachel has written in herself, she has listed below a small collection of those she finds most valuable as clinical references and resources.

You can buy these books directly from Amazon.

Previously Rachel was a key contributor to the Australian favourite: Journal of Complementary Medicine, where she regularly wrote on a variety of nutritional issues. Rachel’s writing frequently attracts high quality praise as illustrated by this letter to the editor of JCM. You can read Rachel’s popular ‘Sweet drinks & obesity’ and ‘Iron’ articles online. Most recently, she has been published some of the findings of her research into zinc assessment in the highly regarded Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Rachel is also often asked by publishers to review nutrition and naturopathic texts, keeping her abreast of the latest developments in both nutrition and the broader complementary medicine field.

You can also subscribe to her premium newsletter, or download text copies of her presentations at the text and pdfs page of the Rachel Arthur Nutrition (RAN) store.