Are we all just a bit prone to panic at the moment?  I received a 9pm call from my 21year old son. Trying desperately to disguise my reflexive s’mothering, I ask in a voice feigning carefree, ‘Everything ok?’ to which he replies, ‘Well, [long pause] not really…”

⚡NOT REALLY??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!⚡

My fingers are poised to dial 000, I just know I’m not going to sleep tonight now (or possibly ever again!!) I become aware of a lot of background noise around him (?is he at hospital), my heart is in my throat as I ask, “What’s going on?!!”

“There’s no organic kale

…I mean there’s rainbow chard, but that has things in it that reduce the absorption of minerals, right, mum? But is it ok to buy just once?” 

Ok everyone exhale. He’s not in ER just the produce aisle of his local late-night supermarket and his main concern is optimising his nutrition 🙄😂 Oh and not overly relying on food delivery services because, “well that’s just depressing and I know whatever I cook is so much better’. And while he might be the scientific one of the siblings his area is oxy-fuel combustion as opposed to oxalates so he thought he’d call a friend 😅 My children have demonstrated the most incredible resilience under some trying times in their young lives of late but good to know their #kidsofnaturopaths qualities are alive & well 🥰  Now I could have kept him on the line for longer to explain all the ins and outs of oxalates and how to keep the levels low…but nah…with my heartrate returned to normal I was suddenly very ready to sleep, he can just listen to the recording😂 …and so can you!

Do You Know How To Recognise Oxalate Overload?

Oxalates are found in high concentrations in many of the ‘healthy food choices’ we promote and are even higher again, when these are organically farmed!  Given the importance of individualising therapeutic diets are we able to quickly recognise those who need to lower their level of these naturally occurring plant products? Who shouldn’t be drinking green juices?  And which of our patients might benefit from being educated about different food combinations and preparation to lower the oxalate load from these otherwise fabulous foods?