Better Business Mentoring Program

$450.00 excluding GST

*Payment Plan available upon request.

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Once you have completed a Business Breakthrough Session with Rachel, together you would have determined if it’s the right time and fit for you to start the Better Business Mentoring Program.

The Better Business Program will enable Rachel to not only kickstart you into thinking about your business opportunities from a fresh perspective but also start actually applying the changes in a supported environment. It includes 3 sessions spread over 3-6 months, depending on what works best for you.  Each of these sessions will have set reflective and business analysis homework which will enable you to work towards achievable short term goals with accountability and expert guidance. The program is designed to foster intimate and individualised business support, to maximise business growth and increase your career satisfaction.

Why choose business mentoring with Rachel?

Rachel has successfully been in business for over 20 years employing various business models and revenue streams as a naturopath including; practitioner, mentor, consultant (corporate health, CAM industry), writer, researcher, lecturer & speaker. Having explored many business avenues of online and face to face business, Rachel has  extensive knowledge of the kind of business opportunities that are open to naturopaths, creative ways to get started from where you are right now and what it takes to make them work.