MasterCourse: Comprehensive Diagnostics (18 hours of Live Sessions)


COURSE IS FULL!! The primary objective of this first 6 month MasterCourse is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs (ELFTs, FBE, WCC, Lipids & Glucose) which constitute the largest biochemical dataset we have on almost every patient. By learning how to comprehensively interpret these labs in an integrated medical framework, using the very latest science, we can extract the gold often buried in this goldmine.  Accordingly, we prove ourselves to be the greatest asset to our patients, to other health professionals we are sharing care of patients with and we cut the cost of additional expensive testing, that is less well understood and validated.

This 6 month Live MasterCourse will help you access that gold and has been intentionally designed to match each lesson with real learning– with half the time spent in theory and half in application.  Delivered across 18 hrs of live sessions punctuated by ample opportunity for between session discussions with Rachel and other practitioners via our private online platform – this MasterCourse is likely to be a genuine game-changer for the way you practise and the potency of your patient prescriptions.

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