Advanced Immunology Assessment (1.5hr Audio & Notes 3 CPE Points)

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Covering White Blood Cell Count, ESR, CRP, Immunoglobulins assays, Gluten reactions assessment (genotype and various anti-body assays) this recording is packed full of Rachel’s clinical insight, simple analogies, case illustrations and entertaining humour making sure you are fluent in the assessment & interpretation of these critical parameters in patient health.

Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes


Updating Your Assessment Skills in Immunology

Ever been told if the white cells are within range this means there’s nothing more to know about your patient’s immune system? Well think again!  Learn how to read the story the results are trying to tell you, the indications associated with the highs & lows of each individual white cell type (even when they are in range), the strengths & weaknesses of the commonly used inflammatory markers and how to which lesser used testing options which might be the help you unfold the immune mystery at play in your patients.

Product details: 1.5hr Audio streaming & PDF Notes


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