Advanced Thyroid & Adrenal Assessment (1.5hr Audio & Notes 2 CPE Points)

$40.00 excluding GST

Covering Thyroid (TSH, T3, T4, Ab, rT3) and Adrenal (Cortisol, ACTH, DHEAs, Synacthen test, Dexamethasone suppression) this recording is packed full of Rachel’s clinical insight, simple analogies, case illustrations and entertaining humour making sure you are fluent in the assessment & interpretation of these two critical aspects in patient health.

Available as audio streaming and PDF notes.


This is the very latest opportunity to upskill in adrenal and thyroid assessment – the basics and beyond.  What tests should you request and when?  When do you need to go beyond the standard tests, would you ever need tests like Syncathen testing in suspected adrenal fatigue and TRAb in a patient with low TSH and how do you refer for these?  Rachel will take you through all the possibilities of the individual tests and then help you to join them together to make a clinical meaningful interpretation.



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