Unlocking the Secrets of the Liver Enzymes (1.5hr Video Presentation & Notes 2 CPE Points)

This package is no longer available to purchase.
Rachel is currently delivering LIVE online the newly updated package in her NEW MasterCourse: Comprehensive Diagnostics series. This is a ‘game-changer’ course for all health practitioners.
This LIVE series will be released as a complete package or as an individual sessions in December 2020.
Check out the MasterCourse: Comprehensive Diagnostics page for more information.


This is the very latest instalment in pathology interpretation from Rachel Arthur Nutrition.  Don’t fall for the trap of thinking LFTs are meaningless or too crude to offer real insight about your patients. This seminar lets you in on the abundance of information that ALT, AST, ALP, GGT and bilirubin can reveal about your patients – from oxidative stress to specific nutritional deficiencies, from heavy metal exposure to gluten exposure!  You’ll never look at LFTs the same way again and your treatment outcomes will benefit accordingly.

Available as Video Presentation streaming and PDF notes. 


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