Jason ASLM

In an ASLM Tweet I shared this weekend, I mentioned our own ‘Gut Guru’, Jason Hawrelak reported dietary saturated fat (including coconut oil) increases GIT endotoxin uptake and boy did that stir the pot!  The social media switchboard lit up! It’s ok I know there isn’t a switchboard anymore…but I am old school 😉  This got just about everybody talking on Twitter & Facebook…and thinking out there in the real world…which is good, right?  And if you read to the end you will find prizes galore for those of you that want to add to this discussion 🙂

Many people contested this idea – while others felt is was good confirmation of what they know about the microbiota-diet interaction.

Some provided supporting evidence of their own – Some didn’t.  

Almost everyone asked great questions – like ‘acute or chronic?’ and ‘rats V humans?’ & what about real world endpoints like ‘inflammation and illness?’

Inquiry and debate is important and healthy.

It keeps us all accountable and lifts the knowledge of those who engage in it.

I thought I would hold off getting too much into the debate until I had collected the evidence from the (Hawrelak) horse’s mouth itself!  So here are all the articles that have been passed to me in support of this claim:













Now here comes the prize bit 🙂 🙂  Because we are all prone to either examining different isolated parts of the elephant and drawing the wrong conclusion, or selectively reading the literature – I encourage you to read every article above, create a summary (max 300 words) from this and send it to us.  Everyone who emails us an attempt will receive a prize and the best summary of the evidence will be published here and across all RAN social media and receive a complimentary full year’s subscription to our Update in Under 30 podcast, the punchy monthly audio that drills down into a key integrative health topic every month.

Let’s keep the healthy debate going – throw your hat into the ring, positively contribute to everyone’s knowledge and email us your summary to: admin@rachelarthur.com.au

Oh and btw, if you love reading & translating science…have you thought about the RAN internship? 😉