When Dr. Christabelle Yeoh says, ‘Hey, we all need to up-skill in Mitochondrial & Metabolic Medicine, Gut and Immunity & Healthy Ageing,’ and then invites  a dozen or so absolute experts in each of these fields to speak at the 8th Science in Nutritional Medicine Conference…I listen.  Ok to be fair I listen to everything Christabelle says because she is one of the clueiest & most effective integrative GPs I know, however, I do think if you like being on the front-foot of medicine and research and you’re dealing in these complex areas, then this is really a stellar line-up.  Check this out

Dr. Rob Roundtree – of IFM fame

Dr Sebastian Brandhorst – heard of the Fasting Mimicking Diet? This is the man.

Associate Prof. Ross Grant – haven’t heard him talk on specific nutrients & the brain? It’s a must

Prof. David Cameron-Smith – connects ALL the dots in ageing..from individual nutrition to the global environmental impact and back

Check out the full list of speakers and program here

So I’m also excited to say, because I am on the playlist (minor B side role)… YOU GUYS GET A DISCOUNT!!

“ACNEM is offering Rachel Arthur’s followers a special discount to attend the 2018 conference.
Register now with the promotional code RACONF and save $200!”

Offer is only valid for two-day registrations. A maximum of 2 registrations can be booked using this offer. This offer is only available to people who have not already registered for the conference.

Where: Pullman Melbourne on the Park, Melbourne
When: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May 2018
Full program and speaker information can be found at https://conference.acnem.org/

Immerse yourself in cutting edge information and mix with like-minded practitioners – inspire your healthcare practice. So…will I see you there?

Clearly conference season is well and truly upon us!  Want to find out about all the places Rachel is speaking over the next few months?  Find out about all her Live Appearances here.