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SOS! 2 Distress Flares In 2 Days 🤦‍♀️

While many of us have made it our business to ensure we are competent IN the business of understanding patients' iron studies, it sadly seems, many even in teaching and training positions, still have not 🙁  I was sent 2 messages this week that had me lost for words...

Elders & Young’uns – Best Of Both Worlds

Last week I had my say about acknowledging our elders & mentors, this week I want to speak to the power of the young peeps.  Just like a younger sibling, nipping at your heels can act as a great motivator to move faster, or having children can inspire us to do...

I Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

I stand on the shoulders of my elders.  [I hope it's not too painful for them, it's been going on a long time now!!]  And I regularly lean on my mentors - who are often my peers, practitioners specialising in areas different from mine.  I recite their names often like...