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LIVE Q&A With Rachel Arthur

We're keen to keep a bit of normal in all the noise. Are you? Here's another way to keep your collegiate connections connecting and your brain blossoming!  Our monthly podcasts are 30 minutes of jam-packed information and here is your opportunity to get more bang for...

Waving Not Drowning?

Yes, the news is - the current regulations may last for a while and as the social-distancing and best-to-stay-at-home message is slowly but surely sinking in. If you're like me, more time 'not out in the world', means more time to get my creative thinking going and...

Helping Patients Achieve Their PB

Listen to me, I'm sounding all sporty 😂. I'm not though, just in case you suffer misguided visions of my virtues!  But it's not just the self-declared serious athletes that we need to have on our radar in relation to optimising their oxygen carrying capacity...