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Hunger has Never Been this Comforting

    A recent Medscape review on the medical benefits of fasting, published in July, got me pressing pause on the food button. Now don’t worry, we’re not taking the “breatharian” path…but  for those of us perpetually well-fed people, going hungry has never seemed...

Thyroxine Replaced Patients Left To ‘Set & Forget’?

Too many times we see thyroxine treated patients on the ‘set and forget’ setting. Often, they’re taking the same dose they started on a decade or so ago, in spite of weight changes, ageing of course and new comorbidities. They’ve undergone limited monitoring, with...

One Small Step For Our Clients?

When I look back over how I've raised my kids there are a few serious 'what tha...' moments - like the time I thought shopping with a child in rollerskates was doable...I mean she loved those rollerskates and she was amazingly agile and good...just not quite good...