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“For busy practitioners trying to keep abreast of the latest research and apply it into practice, Rachel’s Updates in Under 30 are just gold. They are detailed yet succinct, clinically relevant, and easy to listen to and absorb. Highly recommended”.

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“I am so happy my younger graduate Naturopath self had the insight to invest further in my knowledge and skill set and join RAN mentoring. As a baby naturopath of just over 5 year clinical experience, I have been able to grow my confidence in my clinical skills at an exponential rate thanks to mentoring.”

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Following The Fenton Fall-Out

Following The Fenton Fall-Out

I confess I was a chemistry nerd 'way back when', but my skill for stoichiometric calculations had sadly slipped by the time my kids needed help with high-school science & now my son, who's about to graduate from chemical engineering, is my 'chem-friend' 🙄🧐 I suspect he feels FB messenger wasn't intended for such use - or at...

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Made it to 100!

Made it to 100!

Ok, so maybe I don't quite look like this after 100 episodes & almost a decade of our Update in Under 30 series but sometimes, in the depths of researching & developing each episode I can feel like this!  The idea for this subscription series came out of a desire to share little monthly snippets from my patients and was called, 'From my...

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The Breakfast Bench Test

The Breakfast Bench Test

You may have noticed I don't often have recipe raves, swap serving suggestions or generally dialogue about diet.  That's because about a decade into my career as a naturopath I hit food fatigue - my enthusiasm for explaining basic food swaps and increasing kitchen competency with clients, back to back, day in day out, took a bit of a nosedive....

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