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Have I Got Your Attention Now?

You know I'm not one to raise my voice and make scene. Ok, I always raise my voice and make a scene, but only when I think something really warrants our attention and the issue of under-recognised, under-estimated and mismanaged chronic worms, demands our attention. ...

What in the GFR is going on with this reference range?!^#@

Goodness Friends Really (GFR) - where do we start talking about the GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate)! This is the standard way to estimate the competency of your kidneys, in particular their ability to filter waste from the blood. There is SO much to say and not quite...

Less Iron Proves More in Some BUT Not All Patients

I need to clear the air, to clarify.  If you've listened to my So you think you know how to treat Iron deficiency podcast and implemented a less frequent dosing regime and it's worked like a treat for your patients, like Tina....HOORAY! And if you tried out this...