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Let’s Get Real (& Up to date!) About Food Allergies and Intolerances

  Remember the good old days when we understood everything about food allergies and life was simple?  IgE was the culprit - short and sweet - which made patient assessment (SPT) & management (never eat this again, never feed it to your infants if you don't won't them...

Rethink the Ink?

Virginal skin, as my sister calls it, is on the endangered list.  She also predicts that as a result, it will be a highly sort after commodity in the future and I agree but our reasons are a little different. Hers are aesthetic and mine are well, health-based. I...

Beware the Silent ‘M’

Did you read something fabulously non-work related over the break?  I did. Basically opening any book by Isabelle Allende evokes a Pavlovian relaxation reflex in me - ok admittedly some salivation as well!  Then I decided to seamlessly segue into some work-related...