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Are worms sending kids mental?

A recently published case study takes out the 'WOW! Factor Medal' for its extraordinary illustration of just how impacting simple silly old lil' (I'm being tongue in cheek of course) threadworm (aka Enterobius vermicularis) can be on a child's mental health. "The...

Special offer for RAN subscribers…

Not long ago, Kathryn Simpson and I were sharing a hotel room on yet another work trip to somewhere. The lights were out, it was way past our bedtime and we were just gasbagging incessantly like a couple of teens, when a thought pops into my head: "Hey Kathryn, back...

Getting Down & Dirty on Worms…

These little blighters are getting a lot of airplay this month and rightly so.....! Oh Em much misinformation out there!! It's time to set the record straight Worm infestations never conjure up a pretty picture in our minds although a video of humans...