Nutrient Prescriber’s Micronutrient Table (40 minute Video + Resource)

$95.00 excluding GST


Ever wanted a succinct summary of all the highest quality information about micronutrients in one place?  A resource where you can quickly find answers to critical questions you have about nutritional medicine? An in-clinic tool that enables you to make better prescribing decisions and have full confidence that these decisions are based on information that is independent of any conflict and is 100% current? The Nutrient Prescriber’s Micronutrient Table gives you all this and more. A curated, fully referenced, databank of 28 nutrients (all the essential vitamins and minerals plus a few bonus extras!) that enables you, via the very latest research, to rapidly update your understanding of those nutrients ‘you thought you knew’ and discover others that have been only on the outskirts of your awareness.  The depth of detail provided for each nutrient is unprecedented and enables us as clinicians to better see not only the innate characteristics & behaviours of each, and therefore how best to prescribe them but also to develop insights regarding how certain aspects of the ‘patient’ radically change the sense and success of any prescription – as a result of their levels of other nutrients, their lifestyle, their inflammation, their oestrogen status etc.

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