MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics (>24hr Video + Audio + Notes)

$1,995.00 excluding GST

This is an online, self-paced learning program only.

You get access to 24+ hours of streamed video presentations, 2 x Bonus Update in Under 30 episodes (The Calcium Conspiracy & Using Urea to Creatinine Values for Protein Adequacy) PLUS resources, tools and pdfs of all presentations. This package includes $200 worth of bonus material and remains forever in your online account. You will also receive access to any future updates of resources and template. We have a PAYMENT PLAN Option here.


The primary objective of MasterCourse I is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs. Below is an overview of the sessions and you can read about the complete program here.

PRE-REQ 1: Accurate Pathology Interpretation Starts Here (1.5hrs)
PRE-REQ 2: RAN Patient Pathology Manager Tutorial (1hr)

SESSION 1: Acid Base Balance & Electrolytes (3hrs)
SESSION 2: Renal Markers (2.5hrs)
SESSION 3: Liver Enzymes (3.5hrs)
SESSION 4: Lipids & Glucose (3.75hrs)
SESSION 5: Immune Markers (4.5hrs)
SESSION 6: Haematology (4.75hrs)

MasterCourse I is a pre-requisite to join MasterCourse II
MasterCourse II is now available.  Click here for more information

 “Why wasn’t this content covered in medical school? As a psychiatrist, I have greatly benefited from attending this course which comprehensively covers the ins and outs of interpretation of pathology labs and how this applies to clinical cases – many of which have both physical and mental health considerations. I believe all doctors from general practitioners to specialists will gain from attending!“
Psychiatrist | MasterCourse Participant

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