I know you haven’t heard a lot from me of late. 📢 I repeat I been BUSY📢 . Anyone currently undertaking our Nutrient Prescriber’s Program this year or Cracking the Case Series will vouch for that and fill you in on the insanely dynamic details!! But something has come to my attention that I can’t keep quiet about..

🤸‍♀️⭐Man we’re awesome!⭐🤸‍♀️

I am just back from the NHAA Summit so I am understandably all inspired all over again but this is not limited to those on the stage. In fact, as impressive as the ‘big names’ are – there are some other names you may not have heard of, or that shall not be mentioned because they would simply wither with embarrassment but impress the pants off me, that make me burst with pride to be a part of this profession. Here’s just a taster (with names and details slightly changed to avoid unwanted attention!! 😉)

The 50 odd (in number not in nature!) naturopathic students that were in attendance at the summit 👩‍🎓
with their bright sparkly eyes, sharp minds & effervescent enthusiasm 🧠🌟

‘Barbara the Brave’ also there who had to take her employer to the fair work commission 
after she raised concerns about unsafe prescribing protocols and in turn lost her job (and won by the way)!!  🙌

Every single praccie young or wise who came up & said, ‘You don’t know me but I know you and thank you!’🙏
each shining a light on a way in which their practice had been impacted by something I’ve written or said via 1-2 or 10 degrees of separation

An awesome experienced naturopath who works in the intersection between farming, food production, remote health care & naturopathy
who let me know about her new lil’ passion project, a soon to be launched podcast to bring us big bites of this amazing nutritional enviro nexus, via chats with regenerative farmers👨‍🌾

My New Grads in my New Grads 2024 Group showing up and showing themselves to have some kick-arse clinical skills
 I’ve had a sneak peak inside their cranial kits by way of case notes & clever questions that demonstrate their critical thinking is firmly ‘ON’ 💡

Nina Lange, Cathy Bisset, Katie Ayscough & Peter Christinson
No anonymity allowed for these 4!  This crew support me and enable me to get out there and deliver something of real value every single time…they really are the dream team 🎯

I could go on and on and on. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on this and celebrate our pride-inspiring peeps…oh except for that Vicki she’s such a 🐮
No one panic, Vicki will laugh herself silly and I just got even! 😂 

Anyone noticed I have ants in my pants? Can’t sit still. Can’t keep things the same. Always have new questions that I suddenly realise we all desperately need to know the answers to?!

I’m always changing my education offerings, formats, time-frames etc. For example you might have noticed this year mentoring is only running in the first half. Next year will be different again.  So if you want to be across all your options at the earliest opportunity so you can plan ahead for your PD and be sure to not miss out…make sure you’re on our mailing list!  We’re not so keen on (and also just too busy for!) socials these days but if you’re on that list you can be confident you’re in the loop and hearing things first and first hand!