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Video Testimonial
Integrative GP & Emergency Medicine Doctor, Australia

How often do you suspect thyroid & adrenal involvement… but the lab results make you doubt yourself?


How often are you unclear whether thyroid and/or adrenal issues are the root cause or actually a (mal)adaptive response?

Get clarity.

Learn more below…


  • Understand thyroid & adrenal physiology like never before
  • Challenge outdated inaccurate ideas about thyroid function & cortisol test interpretation
  • Learn novel ratios that give you unique insights and understanding about the true state of the HPT and the HPA and its real impact e.g. Cortisol:DHEAs
  • View thyroid and adrenals through a new lens as ‘first responders’ and be able to elicit from patients’ results deep insights regarding their big picture health story 
  • Be able to quickly identify the tell-tale patterns of specific exposures: autoimmunity, macro & micronutrient imbalances, adiposity, inflammation & oxidative stress, psychological trauma, gland architectural disturbances, goitrogenic influences from EDCs to psychiatric meds
  • By way of your newfound diagnostic skillset know how best to support the health of our thyroid and adrenals
  • See the theory applied over and over again to cases – practice makes perfect!

What’s included:

  • 8 sessions of self-paced online learning video presentations
  • 5 BONUS Update in Under 30 audios
  • Downloadable notes & resources
  • Includes a FREE watch party
  • Total of 25.5 hours of content
  • Rachel provides you with lots of opportunities for case study application, testing your comprehension and understanding as you go
  • You get to keep all content in your online account forever, and replay as often as you like
  • PRE-REQUISITE: MasterCourse I or Accurate Pathology Interpretation



Every Thursday for 7 weeks from 3rd August 2023 at 4pm AEST

“The guidance I’ve received over the years from Rachel in relation to pathology interpretation has been one of the most valuable (and fascinating) investments I’ve made as a clinician. Her teachings have filled gaps in my knowledge base I never knew needed filling and have significantly enhanced my understanding of the inner workings of the body! Rachel has an incredible ability to make the numbers that patient’s so often present us with, both understandable and clinically meaningful. The knowledge I’ve gained by investing in this skillset has paid off in dividends and I’m certain will continue to do so into the future.” 

STACEY CURCIO  |  Naturopath & Nutritionist

Real case studies to demonstrate each pathology pattern in action

    The Benefits


  • Grow your reputation as a ‘stand-out’ practitioner
    and exceptional resource to your patients


  • Reduce your and your patients’ reliance on expensive additional testing


  • Enhance your clinical competency, not just in diagnostics, but in effective monitoring of interventions, to practise the best form of EBM

 About MasterCourse II

The primary objective of MasterCourse II is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs in regards to Thyroid – including TFTs, all thyroid antibodies & key nutrients – as well as the additional value of some specialist tests in particular patients, including rT3 & thyroid imaging.

Regarding Adrenal & HPA assessment – while none of these are considered ‘routine labs’ the aim of the content is to help you understand all the options & various combinations of markers (Cortisol, ACTH, DHEAs), medium (blood, urine, saliva) and moments (am, pm, 24hr, pre and post-stress etc).  In the final session we will explore some ‘deep dive’ cases that incorporate everything that we’ve learned about the assessment of these two connected key neuroendocrine circuits…marrying this with every scrap of diagnostic detective work we learned in MasterCourse I!

Who is this MasterCourse II for?

This training is appropriate for any health professional who considers standard medical blood tests as part of their patient assessment and work-up, including (but not limited to) naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, midwives, nurse practitioners and doctors.

Video Testimonial
Naturopath, Nutritionist & Mentor, Australia

“Rachel introduced me to “clinical diagnostics” in her mentoring program.  Learning how to correctly interpret and explore pathology and the subsequent clinical application has significantly improved my clinical skills and has been crucial in terms of improving client outcomes. As a bonus, I also found it added a whole new level of enjoyment to my casework. Rachel’s understanding of nutritional biochemistry, pathophysiology and diagnostics is outstanding, and she has the unique ability to deliver the information in a way that is easy to comprehend and implement. Rachael is a fiend for knowledge, and hence keeps abreast of the latest research, sharing constant updates.  I will be forever grateful. This has been by far, my most valuable resource.”


MasterCourse II Course Outline


Module 1: Thyroid Function Tests (2.45hrs) + Bonus Audio
Module 2: Meddlers & Medications (3.30hrs)+ Bonus Audios
Module 2b: Thyroid Health in a time of COVID (1.30hrs)
Module 3: Thyroid Nutrients, Pathology Patterns & Case Studies (3.15hrs)
Module 4: All the Pathology Patterns in Action – Case Studies (3.15hrs) + Bonus Audio
Module 5: ‘Adrenal Studies’ & Our Attempts to Address Stress  (3.30hrs) + Bonus Audio
Module 6: ‘Adrenal Studies’ Continued – 10 Steps to HPA Interpretation (2.45hrs)
Module 6b: ‘Adrenal Studies’ Continued – HPA Case Analyses (2.45hrs)

MasterCourse II: Thyroid & Adrenal Diagnostics



Which option will you choose?


FULL MASTERCOURSE II PACKAGE: Upfront Payment $1995 (ex gst).  Immediate access to all materials.


PAYMENT PLAN:  6 x monthly payments of $365.75 (ex gst).  Materials released over 6 months.


Full PaymentPayment Plan

Pre-requisites for MasterCourse II

You are required to complete either
MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics
Accurate Pathology Results Interpetation…Starts Here
prior to joining MasterCourse II



Your Questions Answered

I've previously purchased Advanced Thyroid Assessment, what is my option to access the additional content of MasterCourse II?

You are able to upgrade to MasterCourse II for a discounted price.  Please contact the RAN Admin Team at [email protected] for your discount coupon code to use when purchasing MasterCourse II, or refer to the email that was sent in June 2023 with this code.  You will receive access to 4 additional video presentations, 2 BONUS Update in Under 30 audio recordings along with associated resources.

I purchased and attended MasterCourse II LIVE in January 2023, can I join the FREE Watch Party?

You sure can!  Please email the RAN Admin Team at [email protected] to RSVP

Is there a discount for MasterCourse I alumni?

Yes, an email was sent in late June 2023 with a coupon code that you can use at the check out.  Alternatively, please email the RAN Admin Team at [email protected]

Is there a payment plan option?

There is currently no payment plan option prior to the launch of the FREE Watch Party.  A payment plan option will be available later in the year.

Do I need to do MasterCourse I before I can join MasterCourse II?

We recommend MasterCourse I is completed prior to undertaking MasterCourse II. Marrying the two courses together is what is needed in order to understand the ‘whole story’. This series continues on with the presumption that you have a comprehensive understanding of the most commonly performed labs and their interpretation as a foundation, which is what you will gain from completing MasterCourse I first and will not be covered in MasterCourse II.

If you are unable to complete MasterCourse I prior to purchasing MasterCourse II, please ensure you have completed the Accurate Pathology Results Interpretation…Starts Here. (Please note: the Accurate Pathology Results Interpretation presentation is part of the MasterCourse I package).

I’ve previously purchased the Master Thyroid Package, what’s the difference and do I still need to do this?

MasterCourse II supersedes the Master Thyroid Package with the latest research and findings. Rachel originally created the Master Thyroid Package, for a third party back in 2014, which many attendees at the time described as the most significant ‘game changer’, in terms of their clinical competency.  Since then Rachel has continued to expand her own practice experience and in particular, mentor hundreds of other health professionals in pathology interpretation. Together with the significant increase in collective knowledge in this area thanks to research over the last 8 years, Rachel has been inspired to completely redevelop this important offering in foundational thyroid diagnostic skills.

Can I join the Watch Party if I am unable to attend all sessions?

Yes you can, we will provide everyone who has RSVP’d to the Watch Party with the Zoom link to join.  We understand that you may not be able to attend all sessions.

How do I RSVP to the Watch Party?

On purchasing MasterCourse II, you will receive a Welcome email with a link to RSVP to the Watch Party.  Alternatively, please email RAN Admin Team at [email protected].