MasterCourse II: Thyroid & Adrenal Diagnostics (>25hrs Video + Audio + Notes)

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This is an online, self-paced learning program only.

You get access to 25+ hours of streamed video presentations, 5 x Bonus Update in Under 30 episodes PLUS resources and pdfs of all presentations. This package includes $200 worth of bonus material and remains forever in your online account. You will also receive access to any future updates of resources. We have a PAYMENT PLAN Option here.


Revolutionise your understanding of thyroid, adrenal, HPT & HPA markers based on the very latest research and findings.

  • Understand thyroid & adrenal physiology like never before
  • Challenge outdated inaccurate ideas about thyroid function & cortisol test interpretation
  • Learn novel ratios that give you unique insights and understanding about the true state of the HPT and the HPA and its real impact e.g. Cortisol:DHEAs
  • View thyroid and adrenals through a new lens as ‘first responders’ and be able to elicit from patients’ results deep insights regarding their big picture health story
  • Be able to quickly identify the tell-tale patterns of specific exposures: autoimmunity, macro & micronutrient imbalances, adiposity, inflammation & oxidative stress, psychological trauma, gland architectural disturbances, goitrogenic influences from EDCs to psychiatric meds
  • By way of your newfound diagnostic skillset know how best to support the health of our thyroid and adrenals
  • See the theory applied over and over again to cases – practice makes perfect!

The primary objective of MasterCourse II is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs in regards to Thyroid – including TFTs, all thyroid antibodies & key nutrients – as well as the additional value of some specialist tests in particular patients, including rT3 & thyroid imaging.

Regarding Adrenal & HPA assessment – while none of these are considered ‘routine labs’ the aim of the content is to help you understand all the options & various combinations of markers (Cortisol, ACTH, DHEAs), medium (blood, urine, saliva) and moments (am, pm, 24hr, pre and post-stress etc). 

In the final session we will explore some ‘deep dive’ cases that incorporate everything that we’ve learned about the assessment of these two connected key neuroendocrine circuits…marrying this with every scrap of diagnostic detective work we learned in MasterCourse I (ELFTs, FBE, Lipids & Glucose) to understand the ‘whole story’!

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As soon as you purchase, you will receive immediate access to all six modules.

Immediate Access
Module 1: Thyroid Function Tests
Module 2: Meddlers & Medications
Module 2b: Thyroid Health in a time of COVID
Module 3: Thyroid Nutrients, Pathology Patterns & Case Studies
Module 4: All the Pathology Patterns in Action – Case Studies
Module 5: ‘Adrenal Studies’ & Our Attempts to Address Stress
Module 6: ‘Adrenal Studies’ Continued – 10 Steps to HPA Interpretation
Module 6b: ‘Adrenal Studies’ Continued – HPA Case Analyses

Note: We recommend completing MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics or, as minimum, Accurate Pathology Results Interpretation…Starts Here as a pre-requisite to join MasterCourse II