New Graduate Group Mentoring Program

Rachel Arthur Group Mentoring: Accelerate your Professional Development

Thanks Rachel.  I’m finding all of the little tips (that you might not even be aware that you are giving) during the zoom sessions are all helpful.  I feel like I’m developing in tiny onion layers since graduation and seeing patients. Each little tip or comment adds something to the picture of knowledge that already exists or explains something that I understand to a degree but is still a little foggy but now has a connector.  Love it! 

Bek Di Mauro | New Graduate Mentee & Nutritionist Practitioner

Uncover Your Naturopathic Super-Powers!

Give yourself an exceptional advantage, grow as a professional and take some serious edge off being a newbie!
This way you’re able to set yourself and your clients up to succeed! 


Our New Graduate Group Mentoring program is designed to help anyone seeking support and supervision to transition from student to Practitioner Powerhouse in just 5 months!  Our program is also well suited to anyone coming back from a break, who needs to reconnect with their confidence and competency in the clinic.

Being part of the program also enables you to find your tribe, gain support and radically build upon your existing toolkit to make you a practitioner of distinction, faster!

  • Great clinical resources – Mind Maps, Timelines, Patient Pathology Manager, mental health and other screening and assessment tools.
  • Learn the basics in pathology interpretation including introducing you to our pathology template for recording and analysing your patients’ labs.
  • Rachel will share the best places to access specific online resources for reference ranges, research, supplement info etc. for free!
  • Learn about management not just ‘medicating’ – patients’ problems require solutions far beyond a list of supplements.
  • And how to successfully communicate with other health professionals, establishing yourself as an asset and desirable shared-care provider.
  • All the while, continuing a critical conversation about sustainable practice, billable hours, knowing your worth etc.
Watch the Module in the week prior then bring your questions to the 
LIVE Q&A Sessions held twice monthly

The most valued aspect of this mentoring is the ability to discuss practice experiences with Rachel and to hear and learn from all the group members, sharing experiences, knowledge and learning as we go during the sessions.

What’s in the New Graduate Group Mentoring Program?

  • Supervised formal learning community of like-minded and similarly skilled graduates.
  • Twice-monthly live, interactive, Q&A sessions to support the content you have viewed in the online tutorials covering key core skills e.g. naturopathic differential development, pathology orientation and interpretation, referral letter writing, supplement sleuthing and lots more juicy stuff!
  • Live attendance option plus download and keep all session videos and resources to access anytime.
  • Invite-only access to Rachel’s most popular “kick-arse” clinical resources and tools – yours to keep!
  • Unlimited access to the “Basecamp” group forum for all mentees to connect with one another and with Rachel, share information and resources, and communicate between sessions.
  • Between session touch-points with opportunities to ask more questions.
  • All at an accessible price point for new graduates – paid as a lump sum or instalments.
  • CPE Certificate upon completion.

Georgie Stephens on New Graduates Mentoring

“I went from nervous newbie to confident and capable practitioner in 1 year”

Kristen Ellis on New Graduates Mentoring

“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything you’ve done this year. The new graduate course was extremely beneficial and has given me the confidence boost and kickstart I need.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of my journey with you guys, but just wanted to say a big thank you and show my appreciation for the time and effort you put in.”

Tammy Shemesh on New Graduates Mentoring

“I wanted to say how grateful I am for this programme and how much it’s informing my practice.  After the last session I felt overwhelmed how I would put what was discussed into practice, but once I remembered just to focus on the therapeutic relationship everything changed.”

Emma Gardiner on New Graduates Mentoring

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done over the last year during the grad mentoring programme.  It has been such a great experience and absolutely the best professional development investment I’ve made. (Have been singing your praises to all the final year students!)”

Listen to Georgie’s experience in her first year of group mentoring, as she shares how mentoring has given her exposure to a variety of cases, built her skills in myriad ways and kept her learning (and laughing!) under Rachel’s supervision.

Why Choose Mentoring with Rachel?

Rachel has been successfully running group mentoring for over 10 years, during which time it has continued to grow in popularity.  As testament to this, most mentees make attending these monthly sessions a priority in their CPE calendar, month after month and year after year. While Rachel is perhaps most well known for her presenting skills and in particular, her ability to translate complex science into easily accessible and colourful concepts, importantly Rachel remains an active clinician, seeing referred patients for a wide range of complex presentations. Rachel possesses a wealth of nutritional knowledge, which has accumulated over the years through conscientious attention to research and her ongoing clinical experience.

How to Join the New Graduate Group Mentoring Program


To secure your spot NOW, you can join the waitlist by sending an email and we will be in touch with further details when our intake opens up later in the year



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