Pathways for Students and New Graduates

If you’re a student or recent new graduate of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine
or a qualified practitioner returning after an extended break in practice…


There are many great courses and resources on this website, so we’ve designed suggested pathways to make life easier and help you hit the ground running as you start seeing patients, and turbo-charge your growth as a clinician



RAN Student Pathology Hub

Tools created and road-tested by the best most experienced clinicians!

Being a practitioner who is able to read labs will set you apart in practice! We have curated the content and spread it across 12 modules which can be consumed as monthly instalments or, as an all-in-one experience for those wishing to waste no time. Includes 7+ hours of audio and video teaching points, tips and tools plus bonus products. All resources are downloadable for you to keep for a lifetime!

Now you’ve got a good foundation from the Student Pathology Hub

there are two ways you can continue to grow from here…


Join Rachel and an online community!


Self-Paced Learning with Clinic Basics!

New Graduate Group Mentoring

9 x 2.5 hour online sessions with Rachel.
Each session is a min of 2.5-3hrs.
We actually do still get the occasional numbutt who complains the
sessions are longer than advertised!!
You get to keep 22+ hours of video presentations,
Patient Pathology Manager and resources.
Plus a bonus RAN online store 30% discount
voucher to use for 12 months


Boost your confidence
with this online community,
gap-fill your undergraduate
training and get the
support needed to
transition to clinical practice.

Clinic Kickstarter

You get access to over 5 hours of video presentations.
Includes resources and presentations on
Mindmaps & Timelines,
Accurate Pathology Starts Here,
Patient Pathology Manager,
Dear Doctor – Upskilling in Referral Writing
& Interprofessional Communications.


With self-directed online
learning, build better systems
for your practice for patient
information collation and
Access these core teachings
over and over again.
With your new confidence,
focus on building on your
diagnostic skills with MasterCourse:
Comprehensive Diagnostics
Continue the community support and mentoring with Rachel by moving into
real cases with
General Mentoring
You’ve been practising for a year and see the value in mentoring with Rachel on
real cases. Consider joining
General Mentoring
Still feel like a newbie?
Gain confiidence, structure and community support with
New Graduate Group Mentoring
Still feel like a newbie?
Gain confiidence, structure and community support with
New Graduate Group Mentoring

General Group Mentoring

General Group Mentoring looks at real client cases. It provides a high level of applied knowledge, an incredible Basecamp platform for communication, support between sessions, and our ongoing sharing of pearls of knowledge from Rachel’s 22+ years of experience and research together with the collective wisdom and know-how of each group.

Meet monthly for 9 months and access resources, a RAN Store 30% discount voucher to use multiple times across your 12 months, plus you get to keep video recordings of each session.



MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics

This really is the most seminal training we offer, taking the time to dig deep into the science behind all the ‘signposts’ our patients’ results are pointing to. A big commitment for a big reward. It comprehensively covers all the routine labs you will see everyday:  LFTs, Renal markers, Glucose and Lipids, FBE & WCCs & is loaded up with case illustrations for each key pathology pattern – that many practitioners say was an absolute highlight


  • 6 sessions of online learning video presentations (total 24+hours)
  • Rachel provides you with questions, mini-assessments & lots of opportunities for case study application, testing your comprehension & understanding as you go.
  • Included BONUS preparatory videos, audios, notes, desktop resources and templates you can use in your clinic with your own patients.
  • You get to keep all content in your online account forever, and replay as often as you like.

Here is what other’s have to say about these great offerings…

Kristen Ellis on New Graduates Mentoring

“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything you’ve done this year. The new graduate course was extremely beneficial and has given me the confidence boost and kickstart I need.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of my journey with you guys, but just wanted to say a big thank you and show my appreciation for the time and effort you put in.”

Tammy Shemesh on New Graduates Mentoring

“I wanted to say how grateful I am for this programme and how much it’s informing my practice. After the last session I felt overwhelmed how I would put what was discussed into practice, but once I remembered just to focus on the therapeutic relationship everything changed.”

Bek Di Mauro on Group Mentoring

“I have not managed to get to any of the live sessions for various reasons but listen to them multiple times and sooo sooo much goodness in each session.  I love how your mind works Rachel.  This is also my second year in mentoring and I am so grateful for this safe space to continue to enlarge our thinking.  I learn something new every single time.  I am also loving the update in under 30 – that is also changing my practice with every single listen.”

Larissa Gilroy on Group Mentoring

“Thank you for all the information you provided in yesterday’s session.  I’m a first year out of college naturopath and I have found your mentoring to be absolutely invaluable.  My confidence in treating clients is greater and my understanding of the whole picture has enabled me to formulate beneficial treatments plan and prescriptions and as a result I have had some great results. “

Emma Gardiner on New Graduates Mentoring

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done over the last year during the grad mentoring programme.  It has been such a great experience and absolutely the best professional development investment I’ve made. (Have been singing your praises to all the final year students!)

Penny Henderson on MasterCourse

I’ve been in practice as a herbalist for many years and have to say that your master course has been one of the most exciting, inspiring courses I’ve done for a very long time! What a ripper! Your understanding and love of biochemistry and pathology brought it out of the too hard basket and into the sunshine for me. I can’t thank you enough. I have piles of patients blood tests on my desk as we speak which I have to say is rather daunting. Hopefully with much practise I won’t feel quite so laboriously slow! you’re an inspiration to so very many practitioners!”

Psychiatrist on MasterCourse

“Why wasn’t this content covered in medical school? As a psychiatrist,  I have greatly benefited from attending this course which comprehensively covers the ins and outs of interpretation of pathology labs and how this applies to clinical cases – many of which have both physical and mental health considerations.  I believe all doctors from general practitioners to specialists will gain from attending! “

Rike Ehm on MasterCourse

“Just wanted to let you know that your MasterCourse has been giving me lots of great tools and the confidence to work out what’s going on with my client’s health. I have been finding your courses very educational and easy to apply. I don’t know where I would be as a practitioner without your wonderful work and guidance. My practice has definitely changed for the better since and I am very grateful to have found you as my mentor.”

Tammy Guest on Student Hub

“It’s a really impressive, comprehensive hub for people to go back to time and time again. You’ve got the resources that I have acquired over 4 years of my first uni degree in laboratory science and 7 years working in different laboratories and you’ve got it all in one spot, they don’t have to go and do any research whatsoever. It’s you’ve just done it all for them.

Gina Fox on Student Hub

“That looks like such an amazing course and a great price point. I only wish you’d done this 20 years ago Rachel when I first came out of school very wet behind the ears!”

Create your own path and purchase the individual resources you need!

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