RAN Patient Pathology Manager (1 hour Video + Resources)

$75.00 excluding GST


Increasingly our patients are coming armed with lab results and this cumulative data helps us to clearly see their ‘norms’ (as opposed to textbook ones) and therefore be alert to any changes. However, results from different labs at different times, and even the same lab, are unlikely to be presented side by side for easy comparison.  They certainly don’t come with all the important information about what was happening for that patient at each time point – important details pertaining to the blood collection itself (fasting, inflamed etc) which can profoundly alter results or the broader context: menstruating, breastfeeding, losing weight, on meds and supplements.

The Patient Pathology Manager retains all the results for you, including the critical contextual elements, helping you to keep more accurate records to make the most correct interpretation. It also assists you to monitor changes related to various interventions. This is a must-have tool along with MindMaps and Timelines, that can turn good clinicians into great ones and, once you master them, will save enormous amount of your time on your patient work-ups.

Previously, the RAN Patient Pathology Manager has only ever been available to clinicians who participate in Group Mentoring but due to frequent requests for access, we thought it was time to share this great tool for those wanting a foot up with some better systems in their practice.

Here is a 7 min ‘sample’ of the RAN Patient Pathology Manager video presentation. When you purchase the RAN Patient Pathology Manager, you will gain instant access to the 1 hour video tutorial plus all resources.