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The education I have received from Rachel around pathology assessment has had a significant positive influence on my practice. Rachel provided exactly what I felt had been missing from my earlier education- a clear, evidence-based approach to pathology interpretation with relevant clinical application. This knowledge has allowed me the skill to support a complex patient group in a busy practice, and to confidently build collaborative relationships with medical specialists along the way.

RHIANNON HARDINGHAM  |  Fertility Naturopath & Nutritionist

  • When is GGT just a liver enzyme, an addiction clue, a signal of antioxidant drain or a risk-promoter for increased heavy metal retention?

  • What can uric acid tell you about someone’s brain chemistry and mental health risks?

  • What pathology patterns flag the possibility of disordered breathing, mitochondrial disruption, early-stage bone demineralisation, significant genetic polymorphisms or sex hormone millieus – right there in the routine bloods?

  • How could reading basic labs identify actual individualised biochemistry and nutritional needs, enabling you to truly personalise your prescriptions?

The primary objective of this first 6 month MasterCourse is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs (ELFTs, FBE, WCC, Lipids & Glucose) which constitute the largest biochemical dataset we have on almost every patient. By learning how to comprehensively interpret these labs in an integrated medical framework, using the very latest science, we can extract the gold often buried in this goldmine.  Accordingly, we prove ourselves to be the greatest asset to our patients, to other health professionals we are sharing care of patients with and we cut the cost of additional expensive testing, that is less well understood and validated.

This 6 month MasterCourse will help you access that gold and has been intentionally designed to match each lesson with real learning– with half the time spent in theory and half in application.  Delivered across 18 hrs of live sessions punctuated by ample opportunity for between session discussions with Rachel and other practitioners via our private online platform – this MasterCourse is likely to be a genuine game-changer for the way you practise and the potency of your patient prescriptions.

Rachel is currently delivering live the NEW MasterCourse: Comprehensive Diagnostics –  May to Nov 2020.
This live training is closed to enrolments and will be released as a

Who is this MasterCourse for?

The primary objective of this 6 month MasterCourse is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs. 

Accordingly, this training is appropriate for any health professional who considers standard medical blood tests as part of their patient assessment and work-up, including (but not limited to) naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, midwives, nurse practitioners and doctors.

This skill is the biggest 'game-changer' in Integrative Medicine!

    The Benefits

    • Learn how to solve complex cases by integrating pathology results
    • Increase your medical literacy to improve shared care dynamics and progress your professional standing with other health professionals
    • Grow your reputation as a ‘stand-out’ practitioner and exceptional resource to your patients
    • Reduce yours and your patients reliance on expensive additional testing
    • Enhance your clinical competency not just in diagnostics but in effective monitoring of interventions, to practise the best form of EBM
    • Fortify your competence and confidence in reading routine labs
    • Get the best of both worlds: Learn how to interpret important mainstream medical information in a holistic/integrative way
    • Optimise your understanding and insights about your patients, from the most common blood tests and your patients’ largest biochemical dataset
    • Solidify your biochemical understanding within the context of pathology – test how much of the big picture you really understand
    • Learn various novel parameter patterns & formulas that will add another degree to your understanding of pathology (U:C ratio, A:G ratio etc.) and its true clinical significance
Rachel introduced me to “clinical diagnostics” in 2013 in her mentoring program.  Learning how to correctly interpret and explore pathology and the subsequent clinical application has significantly improved my clinical skills and has been crucial in terms of improving client outcomes. As a bonus, I also found it added a whole new level of enjoyment to my casework. Rachel’s understanding of nutritional biochemistry, pathophysiology and diagnostics is outstanding, and she has the unique ability to deliver the information in a way that is easy to comprehend and implement. Rachael is a fiend for knowledge, and hence keeps abreast of the latest research, sharing constant updates.  I will be forever grateful. This has been by far, my most valuable resource.


About the MasterCourse

  • 6 x 3 hour live sessions 6pm-9pm AEST last Thursday of every month
  • Full program runs for 6 months from May to November
  • Date for each live session: 28 May, 25 June, 30 July, 27 Aug, 24 Sept, 29 Oct
  • Each session is a live delivery via Zoom, incorporating structured Q&A and case illustrations.
  • Rachel will provide questions and mini-assessments for those practitioners who would like to test their knowledge and ability to apply to the learning, after each session.
  • On registering you will receive immediate, free access to Patient Pathology Manager + Accurate Pathology Interpretation to watch prior to the first session in May.
  • Your Basecamp access will provide you with a private online platform for questions, discussions and extended learning opportunities.
  • Limited spots available.
  • CPD Certificate provided on completion.
Rachel is currently delivering live the NEW MasterCourse: Comprehensive Diagnostics –  May to Nov 2020.
This live training is closed to enrolments and will be released as a

Program Outline

As soon as you register, ideally prior to course commencement you will be able to watch the 2 free bonus sessions: 1) Accurate Pathology Interpretation Starts Here and 2) Patient Pathology Manager  and access the resources and tools within for your own use.

    • May You begin with ABB – acid base balance & electrolytes
    • June Renal markers – explained, expanded & exploded
    • July Unlocking the secrets of the liver enzymes
    • August Looking for more out of lipids and glucose
    • September Understanding immune markers & the clues within
    • October Haematology – what lies beneath
A new masterclass is very exciting news! I would love to revise all that stuff actually, as yes 2014 was a long time ago. And SO much has changed. That original course really did change my practice.

RHIANNON HARDINGHAM  |  Fertility Naturopath & Nutritionist

This live training is closed to enrolments and will be released as a

For further enquiries or to be notified when the package is released, send us an email.


Your Questions Answered

Are there any prerequisites or minimum level of training required to register for this?

Must be a qualified health professional in any of the following modalities: nursing, medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic.

How much time should I set aside every month?

We would recommend you will need to spend an additional hour for every hour of live sessions – that means just 3 extra hours of relistening, reviewing and applying the knowledge every month on top of our online sessions

Do I need to attend the LIVE sessions?

No, each session will be recorded and added to your online library for you to watch at your own convenience. We do recommend you watch as soon as possible, so you can keep up with the group and make the most out of the ongoing follow on discussions happening in Basecamp.  That way you can get your questions and cases answered on one topic before we move to the next session.

Will there be recordings for me to keep?

Yes, each session will be recorded and added to your ‘Active Content’ in your online library on the RAN website for you to watch at your own convenience and as many times as you like.

Can I join the program once it has started?

Yes, as all sessions are recorded and you will have access to all Basecamp conversations and message threads regarding these sessions. This may be subject to change once the program is halfway completed, so please contact us if you want to join after July.  

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions directly to Rachel outside of live sessions?

Yes, we encourage you to get the most out of the presented content by keeping the conversation going between sessions via our online private platform. All questions should be bite sized (not whole cases or heavily reliant on other abnormal labs that are not covered in this course).  Rachel will do her best to answer them but due to time restraints may not be able to answer all of them. The purpose of this is really to drill down deeper into topics covered, clarify things you remain unclear about and follow through with applying this new knowledge to your own patients’ pathology.  You are always welcome to ask the other course participants for their input and bounce ideas off them as well. Questions unrelated to the MasterCourse topics or beyond the scope of the time allocated, can be addressed by Rachel via an individual mentoring session, at an additional cost.  

I’ve previously purchased the Master Diagnostics Package, what’s the difference and do I still need to do this?

Rachel originally created the Diagnostics MasterClass, together with Dr. Michael Hayter, for a third party back in 2014, which many attendees at the time described as the most significant ‘game changer’, in terms of their clinical competency.  Since then Rachel has continued to expand her own practice experience and in particular, mentor hundreds of other health professionals in pathology interpretation. Together with the significant increase in collective knowledge in this area thanks to research over the last 6 years, Rachel has been inspired to completely redevelop this important offering in foundational diagnostic skills.