Thyroid Assessment in Preconception, Pregnancy and Post-partum (1.5hr Audio & Notes )

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Thyroid health is integral to fertility and optimal pregnancy outcomes yet thyroid physiology changes dramatically during both gestation and the post-partum period, reducing the confidence of some clinicians. This recording covers the absolute must-knows about  thyroid markers prior to conception and trimester specific knowledge regarding thyroid physiology. What do we risk if thyroid imbalance goes unrecognised – for baby? for mum? and how can we better prevent against this? Better clinician assessment translates into improved diagnosis, management and pregnancy outcomes for mother and baby.

In this 1.5hr recording Rachel reviews the key landmarks for recognising both thyroid adequacy and optimisation in regard to female fertility, healthy offspring and the best maternal outcomes post-partum. This includes:

• Setting fertility specific thyroid targets for the preconception period

• Establishment of an appropriate monitoring schedule for thorough thyroid assessment across preconception, pregnancy and post-partum stages

• Detailing trimester specific reference ranges for each of these parameters

• Understanding the impact of various thyroid pathology (hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism as well as subclinical hypothyroidism) on the developing baby 

• Understanding the impact on various thyroid pathology  (hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism as well as subclinical hypothyroidism) on the mother and how to minimise risk and prevent post-partum problems for mums. 

Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes.


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