Update in Under 30: The Polyphenol Prescription in Iron Excess

$37.50 excluding GST


For those individuals with HFE mutations on the road to iron overload, whether they ultimately reach that destination of absolute hyperferritinaemia or not, excess iron mitigation ‘every day & in every way’ is key to better outcomes.  While avoidance of dietary haem iron and, where indicated, therapeutic phlebotomy, are cornerstone treatments, patients are increasingly being offered add-ons such as PPIs and pharmaceutical chelators. However, our polyphenol prescriptions (both food form and nutritional & herbal supplements) offer additional novel actions to address excess iron mitigation, while also providing patients with improved cardiovascular protection, immune system support etc.  This recording comes with an incredible resource for both you and your patients. Packed with evidence-based options they can choose from at each meal & across the day, it offers them their own tailored treatment plan by identifying options as (un) favourable, & therapeutic in each category of food, beverage, even cooking methods.

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