Advanced Acid Base Balance Assessment – Identifying Causes and Consequences via Secondary Markers (2.5hrs audio with notes)

$60.00 excluding GST

Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes.


The capstone installment in Acid Base Assessment of clients, Rachel brings the theory to life with real cases, real results and breaks down your perceived barriers to applying these newly learned skills. Whatever you thought you knew about acid base assessment, this highly engaging seminar will rewrite the rule book and advance your knowledge particularly in identifying both causes and consequences of acidosis through basic pathology results.

This presentation advances the ‘ABC of Acid Base Assessment’ by teaching you about additional markers that will sharpen your focus about the source and impact of the acidity, including mitochondrial dysfunction and bone demineralisation.

You may also be interested in MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics. This is an online self-paced program that includes a more comprehensive version of Acid Base Balance. For more information click here.

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