“Health issues are rarely one individual textbook condition like they were during my studies.  The interaction of the body is complex, and Rachel has given me valuable insight into how to link various pathology markers & physical aspects together.  Test interpretation has been a huge focus for me.  The letters and numbers now mean something, and I can work with “true” reference ranges, and see how different values affect others. The sessions have been great to get assistance with cases and learn how to break things down & prioritise treatment, and also to connect with other practitioners, and hear their cases as well.   I really feel like my career has received an invaluable leg up, and I’m so thankful for Rachel’s knowledge and assistance.”

Rohan Smith, Graduate Group Mentoring Participant, Adelaide.

We began our Graduate/New Practitioner Group Mentoring sessions in March 2014 with just a few keen newbies but the sessions have gone from strength to strength since then, with an ever-growing group of new graduates participating in case presentations every month.  Every session I’m reminded that people are now graduating with much more sophisticated knowledge than I did.  Not because the education standards have improved (ouch!) but actually because the research-backed knowledge base of our whole industry has progressed & improved so dramatically… & that is really exciting & changing the marketplace for all of us. 

I think this places new graduates in a niche position, with often good theoretical knowledge and understanding but a desperate need for the clinical knowledge that will ultimately realise their full potential. New graduates therefore have unique educational & mentoring needs.

Now our group has blossomed so much that we’re looking to start an additional session time for new graduates on the second Monday of every month at 3.30pm (NSW time) with our kick-off date being May 11th.  

So if you’ve started practising in the last 3yrs (that includes practitioners who are restarting practice after a hiatus) & want to join in or know more – you can email us at admin@rachelarthur.com.au or book in directly on our booking calendar: https://rachelarthur.com.au/mentoring/individual-group-mentoring/  It’s a great time to be a graduate! 🙂