Just back from Slovakia and I am a little EXCITED & a giant bit KEEN TO SHARE!!!! Thank goodness we have a tour planned for Aug/Sept so I don’t have to sit on this incredible info for too long!! I had already been delving into the impact of mild acidosis across the life-stages before I left but post-conference…all my thoughts on this have been fed with industrial Slovakian-strength (totally organic) fertiliser!  With the bulk of the research on acid-base balance (ABB) in the elderly, we need to clarify what we know about this across other equally important life-stages. We then know what to look for, and can make any necessary adjustments to the expectations and optimal management of all clients.

  • Could acid-base balance be affecting children? If so, how do we identify it?
  • Pregnancy – does this profound change in physiology also bring challenges for ABB?
  • What are the potential problems of not addressing acidity in pregnancy and early life stages?

I will be presenting a seminar series for bWellness on The life Spectrum of Acid Base Balance in August and September. What ages and life stages are affected by acid-base balance issues?  Is Chronic Mild Metabolic Acidosis (CMMA) a phenomenon across the life-stage spectrum that simply takes different shapes and forms and are you able to recognise each? Evidence suggests there are many chronic diseases associated with high acid diets, especially as we age.  Health practitioners are aware that the ability to excrete acids diminishes in older populations and they are familiar with the associated signs and symptoms.  However, it is now clear, from the research, that we must be mindful of acid-base balance throughout all stages of life and ignoring it can have some incredibly profound impacts in individuals of vastly different ages and stages.

And especially…post my Slovakian castle experience at the International Acid Base Symposium..I am FULL TO OVERFLOWING WITH NEW INFORMATION ON THE IMPACT ON CHILDREN (!!! that has literally blown my mind AND YES!  that warrants caps lock screaming…trust me) as well as the latest research in other age groups.

My presentation will cover:

  • Advanced understanding of the unique acid-base balancing influences upon each life-stage: pregnancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and elderly.
  • Latest research on the impact of CMMA on children – an emerging area of concern that warrants our immediate attention.
  • A clinical conundrum – are carbs the culprits? New research on the dietary players of ABB in kids and teens.
  • Breaking new ground with research on the acid-base physiology of pregnancy and the foetus.
  • Latest scientific findings on the intrinsic link between ageing and acidosis.
  • Practice-ready clinical tools to help you effectively assess your paediatric, pregnant and elderly patients – an extension of the ABC model.
  • Outlining new interventions – from cheat sheets to remedial recipes.

Melbourne – Wednesday, 1st August
Sydney – Thursday, 2nd August
Brisbane – Friday, 3rd August
Perth – Monday, 17 September
Adelaide – Tuesday, 18 September
Auckland – Thursday, 20 September

For more information and to register go to bWellness or phone Australia: +61 8 8130 8700 or New Zealand: +64 9 845 1245


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