In July I go west again (seriously any excuse…love the place!) and fly over to Perth for the ACNEM Foundations (formerly known as Primary Modules) training course that ACNEM have been rolling out this year around the country. If you haven’t seen it already I’m presenting my hot favourite talk on Micronutrients.  But wait….. there’s more… in the Mental Health module that runs concurrently with this, I’m presenting my newly developed: Mental Health in General Practice: The Hidden Clues in Pathology. Which delves into reading regular blood work through a ‘mental health lens’.  Fancy, expensive testing need not apply 😉

The highly-regarded psychiatrist, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, is presenting on Addiction as well as a case study on schizophrenia, Dr. Christabelle Yeoh will speak to better PTSD management, our lovely naturopathic colleague, Susan Hunter will talk on the relationship between diet and paediatric mental health, Cliff Harvey on keto-appropriate diets in this context…and many more. 

To be honest, I’d like to not be presenting so I can just sit back & listen to this entire mental health program uninterrupted!! 

In terms of ACNEM Foundations, I am really pleased to be one of the presenter/practitioners to help ACNEM deliver their new offering, with a renewed focus on delivering independent, unbiased and high quality training. The modules being offered over the training period are the Foundations (formally Primary Modules) of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (2 days), Metal Health (2 days) and Sports Medicine (1 day). Here’s a little bit more detail about the training…


The Primary Modules in NEM, designed for GPs, registrars and other graduate healthcare professional, are ACNEM’s foundational training in post graduate Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. The modules will be delivered over 2 days face-to-face, plus equivalent of 2 days online (4 months online access) to view the lectures and to complete the required learning activities.

These modules provide an introduction and overview of NEM within primary care. Each major biological system is explored covering the key nutritional, environmental and biochemical factors affecting health and disease. Through case studies delegates will gain practical tools to aid integration into daily practice. The Primary Modules enable practitioners to begin practising NEM confidently and safely.

To enhance your education and reinforce what you have learned, completion of each module requires pre-disposing and reflective activities and an online quiz.


This module will address a number of the most common functional mental health conditions that present to clinic.

Conditions to be covered include depression, anxiety and addiction. Our highly regarded presenters will bring their clinical experience and knowledge on the application of nutritional and environmental medicine in collaboration with conventional medical practice. Current scientific evidence for the effectiveness of treatment modalities will be presented including nutraceutical prescription, dietary manipulation, lifestyle modification and environmental factors, alongside the range of available testing and investigation options.

Our speakers will explore:
– The contributing NEM factors to common mental health conditions including depression and anxiety
– The investigative methods for assessing mental health from a NEM perspective
– The role of specific dietary and environmental approaches for the management of anxiety
– Evidence-based lifestyle interventions that can assist in the management of addictions
– Nutritional treatment and management of mild-to-moderate depression

When you get clinicians with extensive real-world experience talking about the things they know best, not just academically but also clinically…then you’re in for a very practical & clinically impacting learning opportunity.

ACNEM Face-to-Face Training
Fremantle, 27-28 July 2019 at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges

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