Are you hearing me?  Yup, it’s been a BIG year..and to think I don’t even have the ANS technically to blame this year!! How about you?

But listening to myself say this to people, in my wrap-up of the year-that-just-was, I am thinking….Has anyone EVER got to the end of year and exclaimed, “Wow! That was a small one?!” 

Not me, not ever, well not in my living memory! But somehow I forget.  I get to December and I think, ‘Geez, I’ve never felt this spent before!  I need to go on holidays and never come back, retire from work and retreat from the world’, until someone who loves me, and who has a longer memory than a goldfish says, ‘Love, you always feel just like this.’  The upside to this annual amnesia is, it pushes me to make very conscious choices for my holidays.

Like the simple act of ensuring I walk everyday. I’m clearly not expecting a 6 pack out of this activity- what I am hoping for is restoration of my mental and emotional fitness.  And to increase my chances I have a rule. I walk alone. That means my phone stays home!

For the holidays, I am back in a part of the world my DNA knows intimately but my senses enjoy rediscovering with every walk:  eucalypts, cockatoos, coarse yellow sand, flowering gums.  My very first walk is transporting and I feel a lightening already. Day two, even creative thoughts make a brief reappearance in my thoughtscape as I take my trek.  And suddenly I am reminded – this too shall pass. It’s reassuring to know that this tiredness right now (on many different levels) is actually normal, expected, seasonal.

Thank you for being a part of another BIG year and I wish you all lots of ‘toes in the water’ moments, some spaciousness and timelessness in any form you choose and an opportunity to reconnect with the YOU underneath all that you give out so generously to others.  Choose wisely 🙂


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