Over 20 years ago (ouch!) while studying at Southern School of Natural Therapies, I heard for the first time that calcium perhaps had a ‘dark side’!  At the time, and still to a large extent now, calcium is publicly portrayed as something you simply can’t get enough of and 20yrs ago this idea was almost heresy! Certainly in the eyes of the dairy corporation at least 🙂 Yet there had been a long-standing concept in naturopathic nutrition that the distinction between calcium’s healing and harm all came down to where it resided in the body, e.g. bones Vs blood vessels.  Last week Medscape ran an editorial espousing the same concept.  There’s not necessarily any new information in there but worth a read/listen/look to see the place mainstream medicine is slowly but surely coming round to with regard to calcium (and the comments below the article from various American doctors, specialists & allied health professionals make for even more interesting reading ;)).  They’re not talking about using homeopathic Silica to treat dystrophic calcium (ah the good ol’ days at SSNT!)…yet?!…but they’re certainly getting on the vitamin K2 bandwagon…hooray!  Good at least to have a forum for this ongoing important debate and to have another resource to refer to when you might be having this same debate closer to home with some of your shared care patients 🙂  PBS subsidised Calcium Carbonate 600mg?  No thanks!

Scroll down to the Medscape script of editorial https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/838659