So…a 40 something female walks into your clinic with depression & anxiety…sounds common enough right?  But here’s the twist: she’s already seen another practitioner who ran a range of investigations revealing she has pyrroles, high copper levels & is homozygous for the C677T MTHFR mutation. Her medical history includes significant use of Ecstasy and a partial thyroidectomy due to nodules & she has persistently high TSH.  But wait there’s more!…The first practitioner upon discovering all of this put the patient on 12 different products which included zinc, B6, evening primrose oil, vitamin D, thyroid support etc etc.  And guess what…the patient feels worse!

Frequently our patients are just as complex as this case & sometimes our attempts to narrow the treatment focus through thorough investigation instead leaves us feeling we now have even more things we need to deal with than before! Feeling overwhelmed?? Often! At risk of completely overwhelming the client as well?  Definitely!  And a reflex to throw your whole dispensary at a client never ends well.

But take heart, with the right case analysis skills you can learn how to develop & apply perspective, be able to recognise the ‘first domino that needs to fall’ (i.e. what your initial treatment priorities should be) & identify the most sensible short, medium and long term objectives for each client.

This Monday (13th July) at 3.30pm (EST), one of our mentees is bringing this case to the table & we’ll be working on developing exactly this skill-set in our graduate group mentoring session.

So if you’re in need of some real world application in the treatment & management of complex patients generally & in those presenting with mental health problems, specifically, then you should join us for this important live Skype discussion.  We’ll even throw in a free recording of the session…so you can really be sure you’ve got the most out of it & you can be sure to avoid overwhelm! 🙂

If you’re keen to join in click here & book into our mentoring session directly. Once you do this you’ll receive a link to the case notes & everything else you need or email us at if you have any questions.

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