Business Mentoring Breakthrough Session

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to grow your business? Not a cardboard cut-out, off-the-shelf kind of business that every business coach talks to, or somebody else’s business, your business?  Business advice like naturopathy, according to Rachel, is about taking an individualised approach.

The traditional model of a naturopath was based on a one on one clinical practice model, while potentially still a path to success and satisfaction, this requires a totally fresh and contemporary perspective on what works today.  In addition to this, many naturopaths feel a need to diversify their revenue stream in order to work smarter not harder.  The naturopathic path is not always conventional and rarely the same for any two practitioners depending on personality, location, skill sets (including non-naturopathic), passion etc.

Rachel gets it.

She’s been in practice for over 20 years and throughout this time Rachel has (almost!) done it all, from TGA consultant, to pharmaceutical company employee, writer, speaker, CAM research assistant, practitioner only company technical advisor & trainer, corporate health consultant, individual and group mentor, OTC sales and importantly clinician!

As a result, Rachel has been increasingly called upon by both new and established practitioners to provide business mentoring.  Similar to her approach to clients, Rachel uses a truly individualised approach – so no generic advice and handouts etc., but by using this approach together with her breadth of experience, she can be instrumental in helping to identify the real changes that need to happen in your practice and business model that will not only make it more viable but increase your career satisfaction as well.


We wanted to let you know that Rachel offers this amazing service to help practitioners get started, get back on track, or grow their existing business while identifying new  opportunities.

Rachel offers a one-off 1:1 Business Breakthrough Session which is an exciting hour long Skype session during which Rachel helps you to see where the most sensible next business steps are for you.  You can read more about the Business Breakthrough sessions here. If you would like to work with Rachel further after this initial session she has a range of business mentoring programs available to suit your business.

Here is what Maria, one of our wonderful business mentoring clients, says about Rachel’s impact on her business;

“Rachel has been the biggest and best influence in my business as a Naturopathic/Nutritional practitioner, she helped me in a very practical, easy to follow training style, month after month, this began and still continues to uncover exactly how I wanted and do practice and taught me to become a very confident Naturopath. Rachel is a gifted speaker and her knowledge is ridiculously massive, every time I listen to her I take something back to clinic and use it immediately.  I have now developed a network of GP’s who respect and engage with me, in the interest of our clients. So thankyou Rachel, I couldn’t have done it without you”

– Maria Harpas, BHSc(ComplMed), Adv.Dip.Nut, Adv.Dip.Nat Clinical Nutritionist | Naturopath 

And one more for good measure 😉

“I am super excited! I have been nominated for Local Business Woman of the Year Award – My mentoring sessions with you have accelerated my technical knowledge and business  professionalism rapidly.   I needed to share this with you as you have been a huge source of inspiration – I remember when I first heard you speak and I thought – “I want to be like her!”.  Thank you Rachel for all that you do!”

-Kylie Cloney BHSc(ComplMed), Adv.Dip.Nut, Adv.Dip.Nat