Turn-up the sound, lean back (as there are quite a few names here) and watch it all the way to the end!, Click here and enjoy our little video to honour each of our mintees (aka mentees) in 2019. 


Use the force…… well, maybe force isn’t quite the best word, but use the knowledge, the skills and the collective minds. Take what you’ve learnt and go forth into the world, into 2020 knowing that you have evolved as a practitioner!

Congratulations on completing your full year of group mentoring –
and if this is your 2nd, your 3rd even your 4th year then I bow to you even more deeply.

Thank you for including me on your support team and entrusting me with helping you grow & develop as exceptional practitioners.

You should be celebrated for your commitment to your own learning & your endeavour to always improve your knowledge and skills.

So if your name is not on this year’s Honour Roll – (apologies to all those practitioners who do private individual mentoring with me on a regular basis…the list just got too long but this applies to you as well!) – take a good look at whose is – I am sure you know someone here and perhaps now knowing about their commitment to their own development might help you to understand why they stand out not just for how good they are but how they continue to challenge themselves and strive to be better.

Oh and psssst…..if you want to be in the 2020 honour roll and you forgot to sign up, there may be some spots left in some groups (but not many). If you want to grab one email us quick at admin@rachelarthur.com.au. Or save your spot for 2021 and join the waiting list, send an email.

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