As we head rapidly towards the change over of our calendars we would like to offer you a special on the very best educational recordings from 2014 – buy 2 CDs before Jan 31st and receive one complimentary Premium Audio Recording of your choice  OR purchase 4 CDs and receive a 3 month Premium Audio subscription for free

It’s been a busy year during which Rachel has delivered 7 very successful new seminars in the area of mental health and  beyond, most notably fortifying her role as a leader in the field of diagnostics and pathology interpretation.  This has included collaborations with ACNEM, Biomedica, Health Masters Live, MINDD and Nutrition Care, however, each recording is classic Rachel – full of fresh perspectives on diagnosis & treatment, colourful analogies  & humour.  In case you missed some of these this year or want a copy for keeps – here’s a quick summary of the 2014 recordings included in this end of year offer:

Three little case studies with big lessons learnedthis is a 2 hour presentation from late this year covering 3 clients with diverse issues who came to see Rachel this year and each taught her something absolutely invaluable to the practice of naturopathic medicine.  Their stories and presentations range from gut to endocrine and a smattering of mental health.

Mental Health Case Studies – Practical Insights a DVD – Sick of protocols that don’t work or are simply unrealistic for your mental health clients? This 3 hr presentation delivered for Biomedica in conjunction with Rachel McDonald, brings our understanding of how to effectively treat mental health problems in the real world. From a teenage male through to a female in her late forties, Rachel  breaks down step by step the approach she is taking in clinic, and outcomes achieved along the way. Gain practical and current clinical insights as Rachel discusses each case in detail, incorporating relevant pathology results, along with referral letter examples etc.

Advanced Thyroid & Adrenal Assessment – Unlocking the Secrets of the Liver Enzymes – Advanced Immunology Assessment These 3 separate recordings form part of the hugely successful Diagnostics Master Class presented by Health Masters Live earlier this year. Each recording is approx. 1.75hrs and provides practitioners with an exciting new skill set regarding the interpretation of pathology results in an integrative nutrition context.  As Rachel says, before we start spending our patients’ money on functional testing we should be getting the most possible out of their standard bloods. These recordings, give you the tools to do just that. Start seeing your clients from a whole new perspective.

The Clinical Knack of NAC – Clinical Case Studies, Clarity & Confidence –  From gut biofilms to heavy metal toxicity, from respiratory to reproduction and of course mental health – chances are you’re incorrectly- or under- utilising NAC in your practice – find out all the do’s, don’ts & possibilities in this jam packed update on the most exciting nutraceutical in your dispensary.

Young White Males & the Mental Health Problems they face  – Rachel took practitioners through 2 of her cases at the MINDD conference in June this year.  Both involved young men in their 20s who presented with different mental health problems. One, a gifted popular student, who has succumbed to polysubstance abuse and ultimately psychosis and another who’s always struggled at school but has come to realise that his crippling anxiety is his main disability. Rachel shares the work-up of each case that ultimately leads us to different solutions. Along the way, we are privy to the struggle that young men face with mental illness in Australia and the similar challenges they both encounter regardless of all their apparent differences.

Here’s hoping you’ve had a lovely festive season and that the new year brings you good health, lots of great new opportunities & the best integrative nutrition education!  Thanks for all your support in 2014 and we look forward to continuing to support you in practice in 2015 🙂