So far this year I’ve been doing most of my presenting online which has been fantastic because we can all be in our PJs and no one’s the wiser (except now!!) but I do miss the face to face seminars where sometimes the real magic happens thanks to the two-way dynamic between you and me!

So guess what?  I’m coming to Sydney on the 31st August (and then Brisbane 6th September and then Melbourne 13th September) to touch base with many of you again.  I’m joining forces with Rachel McDonald from Biomedica to talk about the real world application of naturopathy in mental health conditions.  I’ve got 2 great new cases to present that hopefully will teach you as much as they’ve taught me, lots of pathology for us to pore over and some more ideas about interacting with other health professionals in shared care situations.  In the meantime the ‘other’ Rachel will give you some great information that no one else is really talking about e.g. understanding what a mental health diagnosis really means, identifying and managing risk factors before they erupt, the quirks and twists of different conditions and how to manage these best.

I’m really looking forward to catching up with many of you at these upcoming events – make sure you come up and say hi! (…because we can’t do that in webinars either! J )

Mental Health in Holistic Practice:

Practical Approaches to Support Patients Beyond Pathways and Protocols for more information contact Biomedica on 1300 884 702 or follow this link: