Don’t know this thrash anthem for all nutritional medicine practitioners written by Supernova about 20 years ago?  Do yourself a favour and check it out!! It makes me laugh to the point of tears every time.  What also got me giggling recently was a coffee catch-up with a fellow nat (relax, it was decaf people!) Both being active women approaching the half century we found common ground discussing our ‘war wounds’. She, an ankle injury, me, lax ligaments in my knee thanks to touch football minus any pre-season prep whatsoever. I was waxing lyrical about the wonders of swimming, which I’ve taken up to heal said gammy knee, at which point she asked, “What are you taking for it?” 

My mouth dropped open & nothing came out…because the answer was *!NOTHING!*😂
At which point, she mentions a couple of supplements I have *!ON MY SHELF!* that really helped her ankle 😂😂

I text her 3 days later with, “Man, our medicines really work!!”  You see, like the song says,  I do ‘take my vitamins’ and ‘they’re good for you! Good for you!’ – just this physician health yourself thing can be a blinking full time occupation sometimes! Anyway, it got me thinking about how we choose the products we do.  So turmeric caps are part of my new regime and they seem to be working a treat. I stock one brand only.  Now how did I come to that decision amongst an ocean of options?!  Well in this instance, I had asked a colleague who works OTC and dispenses a variety of turmeric products en masse – better still she sees those people come back either for more…or not.  I’ve found asking my well-placed peers about these kind of products invaluable!! But there are so many different ways each and everyone of us may have made product choices – ethical concerns, personal experience, research, a teacher, mentor or rep’s influence.  Anyone who has done the UTAS post-grad, of course, has exhaustively analysed the options, complete with comprehensive spreadsheets of all comparative products…god love these guys!! But for the rest of us mere mortals, how do we make such choices?

Let’s just talk turmeric for now, I’d love to know…

My gorgeous sister first brought this ditty to my attention & we’ve had a wonderful trip down memory lane today (with our elderly mother as our hostage as we both belt out the lyrics in laughter down the speaker phone)…she’d be cross if she didn’t get the credit here, rightly so 🤣

I’m gonna take my vitamins!
(Vitamins! Vitamins!)
You better take your vitamins!
(They’re good for you! They’re good for you!)

You better take your vitamins,
Two by two!
Two by two!