That’s me…always questioning the ‘status quo’ and Iodine is  the perfect example!  The interview I did on this important subject with Andrew Whitfield-Cook from FxMedicine, covers a lot of key areas of confusion & underscores why it’s so critical all health practitioners get clarity on this topic. ‘It’s just a matter of geography’.

You know, I say to people, we can make vitamins ourselves, we can get all sorts of  other organisms including animals, bacteria and plants to make vitamins for us, and then eat those…but minerals…our source of minerals…well it all comes down to the rocks and the soil our food itself is grown or fed on.  And iodine is profoundly influenced by these factors.

My interview is now available as a free podcast you can listen to here. In this podcast I’ll be covering issues related to the dairy industry, bread fortification, iodine supplementation (esp. mega-doses in line with Brownstein’s approach) and what we now know about their effects on the thyroid. Andrew asks some great questions on dosage where I share how iodine has ‘a double edge or a dual sort of personality. You know, a deficiency is bad for it, but an excess, I truly believe, is bad for it as well’.

I am a nutter for minerals and Iodine just won’t go away right now.  

Too little = a problem – Too much = often the same problems!

To boot, we are faced with radically contrasting views on assessment and dosage and just about everything Iodine related.

It’s not you – it’s iodine.  Trust me it’s a complex little (big) mineral that requires some extra thought and caution.  Check out the FxMedicine podcast “The Intricacies of Iodine”.

So now you’re all pumped up about Iodine and want to know more?
Check out my 3 hour audio and fullscreen slides on Iodine Deficiency, Toxicity & Treatment – Where are we now?  For the whole story .