Supplements should not be chucked in together like this – clearly their stability testing Is based on being on their own in a closed bottle under controlled conditions – this is definitely a case of do as I say not as I do!!! 🙄

So, I’ve spent the break on a very long road trip.  Some of you may have seen my happy snaps on socials, in particular, all the #natschats I was lucky enough to have along the way – either accidentally or ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ catching up with naturopaths across the eastern states!  What can I say – we’re everywhere and tend to flock 😂 

Meet Michael Henderson | Meet Josephine Cabrall | Meet Vicki van der Meer | Meet Kristin Hill | Meet Tabitha McIntosh

During this challenging time in our lives, with so much distance, disconnect and disorientation – I have felt so nourished through re-connecting with my professional community and reassured by the familiarity of these friends and colleagues:
still fighting the good fight, providing extraordinary care for their patients, furthering our profession through delivering education to the public, mentoring practitioners, working from ‘within’ asking the ‘big’ questions about our training, our offering, representation, our voice, our responsibility.

I know not everyone reading this was lucky enough to have a restorative break, or in fact any kind of break this year but I hope that my travel tales, reconnect you in some small way & give you a little bit of hope. Here’s my take-home:

We are a profession filled with extraordinary individuals – diverse, granted – but overwhelmingly what links us all is that we care so deeply for our patients, we feel pride in our profession and we keep on keeping on, for as long as we can, in spite of adversity and look around – our message and model is definitely spreading.

Any way,  ol’ lazy bones here knows when it’s time to head home…when the supplement stash runs dry 🙄

Lastly – it’s a new year full of resolutions  – so when I saw this wonderful card by Rosie Made a Thing on my travels, I couldn’t resist sharing