But sadly, still not cloned!  While it may sound like Big-Brother was responsible, it was the efforts of my tremendous team responding to feedback from fans – who said things like:

I just
of the MasterCourse in Diagnostics
but would love to be able find a little gem I know I’m digging for, or re-listen to a very particular section without having to
Someone with a life,
Somewhere not in lockdown

Ok I am paraphrasing, but you get the gist. So we thought, reasonable request really. With over 24hrs of core training modules plus all the bonus sessions that you get to have & to hold for the rest of your RAN’s life, even we might be out of lockdown by then and have other things to do!! And while I personally couldn’t stomach my 99th listen…I made St Sally do it 😂 This now means you can find the time-stamp from the video on the top right hand corner of your pdf copy of the notes and go, ‘Hey, that amazing animation of what’s behind increased Neutrophil counts – here I come’ & go directly there (39minutes & 21 seconds) without listening to a single extraneous, ‘you know’, ‘right?’ & ‘ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’

So, while I am already working up a serious head sweat (too much information?) working on the development of MCII which will kick off early next year…oh boy…did I just say that?!*%#@ and already getting outrageously excited about our next adventure together – we thought we’d go back and increase the value of the investment many of you have already made…and maybe entice a few others with our trail of breadcrumbs that takes you to the best treasure trove of all in our toolkit! I think this was Western Herbalist,  Penny Henderson’s experience 🤩


“I’ve been in practice as a herbalist for many years and have to say that your master course has been one of the most exciting, inspiring courses I’ve done for a very long time! What a ripper!  Your understanding and love of biochemistry and pathology brought it out of the too hard basket and into the sunshine for me. I can’t thank you enough. I have piles of patients blood tests on my desk as we speak which I have to say is rather daunting. Hopefully with much practise I won’t feel quite so laboriously slow!
Anyway thanks so much Rachel -you’re an inspiration to so very many practitioners!”