We’re keen to keep a bit of normal in all the noise. Are you? Here’s another way to keep your collegiate connections connecting and your brain blossoming!  Our monthly podcasts are 30 minutes of jam-packed information and here is your opportunity to get more bang for your buck and expand on those 30 minute downloads with some serious drilling down!  Keep the conversation going and get your questions, answered…

Rachel will be running a FREE 1-hour live Q &A to answer UU30 Subscribers questions about the first three episodes that have been released in 2020 (see the list below).

The live Zoom session will start at 6 pm (Syd time) on the 2 April.

Let us know you will join us so we can email the Zoom link on 1 April to you directly.

You are invited to pre-submit questions to admin@rachelarthur.com.au by noon 31 March.
We have extended this pre-submission due to the current circumstances.

Rachel will do her very best to answer the ones that are the most common and/or offer the best-extended learning for everyone and, as many as possible.

What kinds of questions CAN you ask?

Specific topic-related short questions😊

What’s is the copper (Cu) absorption rate like through the skin? I’m thinking of a couple of patients where Cu is high in bathing/showering water but it’s filtered from drinking water. Just curious about absorption rates through the skin with water as the medium, versus through ingestion/food/drinking water etc.”


Here are the three episodes you can submit questions on. As a subscriber – you will find all these episodes in your ‘active content’.  If you can’t make it, please still submit your questions as we will be adding this free bonus to your subscription account.

JANUARY: COPPER IN KIDS Copper, as a kingpin in angiogenesis, brain & bone building & iron regulation is a critical mineral during paediatric development. So much so, the kind of blood levels we see in a primary schooler might cause alarm if we saw them in an adult. So too their Zn:Cu. But higher blood Copper and more Copper than Zinc are not just healthy but perhaps necessary during certain paediatric periods.  This recording redefines normal, low and high with a great clinical desktop tool to help you better interpret these labs, as well as reviewing the top causes and consequences of both types of Copper imbalance in kids. 

FEBRUARY: YOUR MASTER INFLAMMATORY MARKER Patients’ labs lie, not often, but sometimes and the inflammatory markers performed routinely like CRP and ESR have been known to tell a few. Like when everything about a case screams inflammation but both of those say there’s none there. Why do they miss it?…well basically it’s not their lot. CRP and ESR have specific signals they only respond to and therefore reflect only certain immune reactions and at specific stages of that response. But there’s a nifty little calculation you can perform with all of your patient’s labs and suddenly see the immune activation, inflammation and oxidative stress that was lurking beneath.  

OUTRUNNING ‘ATHLETE’S’ ANAEMIA Persistent ‘hard-to-resolve’ anaemia is a common presentation for anyone participating routinely in sport and that can be at any level, not just among the professionals. From our lovely ladies who take up running or Crossfit in their middle-age to our MIL (men in Lycra) and ‘weekend warriors’, they may love it but their haemoglobin and their iron doesn’t! Anaemia equals reduced oxygen-carrying capacity, a concern for anyone interested in optimising their performance but equally relevant to patients just trying to manage their energy throughout the day. In this important episode, we identify 4 different types of anaemia seen in patients as a result of exercise, incorrectly lumped together as ‘Athlete’s’ Anaemia. 

Make time to connect with like-minded practitioners to hear what they are asking about these topics and/or have your questions answered too.

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