Ok, so maybe I don’t quite look like this after 100 episodes & almost a decade of our Update in Under 30 series but sometimes, in the depths of researching & developing each episode I can feel like this!  The idea for this subscription series came out of a desire to share little monthly snippets from my patients and was called, ‘From my desk to yours’, but over time as its following grew, I came to realise how large and valuable a resource – a library of sorts – this was to practitioners. In particular, those hungry for answers, rich in critical thinking but time poor.  And so, it evolved to become ‘Update in Under 30’.  The topics are remain typically ‘home-births’, from my patients or those shared with me through mentoring but I realised recently, each episode goes through 3 stages of development, something like:

1. Answer a key Clinical Question that’s out there in our professional community generally
2. Answer the often more complex questions clinicians, with significant first-hand experience, have directly asked me about this same aspect of practice
3. Then, last & most challenging, is endeavouring to answer all the questions that I have now after reading the first 50 or so articles to answer the first two questions!!

And let me tell you – that last one can take weeks!!🧐😵🧐 often stalling or stopping all together, the recording or release of an otherwise near-complete episode 🙄 Ask my team – I drive us all batty.  But that’s because I recognise the great responsibility I have so wonderfully been awarded and I take that to heart.  And I have these questions of yours, of ours, in the driver’s seat when I research (and research again), write and rewrite, record and re-record these [messing with the myth, hey…did you think was my passive income?!^#@}

Take this month’s topic – to celebrate our 100th episode it seemed fitting to pick a BIG one!:To NAC or Not to NAC (that is the question!):

1.In integrative medicine opinions on NAC are divided – among all the fans it has its dissenters – why?
2.If such concerns about NAC are well-founded (and they are) how do we mitigate these?
3.What risks are real & relevant to the kind of plasma values we are likely to see? How precise can we get with our prescription through changes to form, dose, dosing regime etc to ‘accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives  & not mess with Mr In-between,’ as my bestie, Bing Crosby says? 

Relax – I refrained from singing this line in our latest update!!  But what I do let loose on is a whole lotta juicy answers to our collective questions about a much loved nutraceutical!  Happy 100th UU30 🥳

To NAC or Not to NAC

That is indeed the question for most of us working in integrative medicine.  While there is hardly a nutraceutical with more therapeutic flexibility and potency – with potency comes risk and responsibility – hence NAC’s dissenters.  Many of the concerns regarding the use of NAC are well-founded and come down to its dynamic chemistry in both the gut and blood together with its specific pharmacokinetics. With improved understanding of both, however, to direct dose, dosing regime & duration for more precise NAC prescribing – we can accentuate its positives, eliminate its negatives and not mess with Mr In-Between, so to speak!
And for our 100th session this is of course a SUPER SIZE ME SERVE coming in at about the 40minute mark 🙄🥳
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