Never done a MasterCourse in Diagnostics with me? Is that because you’re scared of…

a) investing that much time
Aren’t we all – but we can hold each others’ hands & hold each other accountable each Thursday for just 7 weeks🤝
b) investing that much money
We hear over & over again from our alumni that this was the best investment they made in their practice & it paid them back in spades! 💰💰

c) your own future fully fluent – all seeing all knowing (almost!) – diagnostic diva/divo self?!
Don’t be: Dare to be remarkable.  This will set you up & apart.🤓

d) of
Well that’s a point – hard to argue! But feel the fear and then be pleasantly surprised by the fun! 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

e) all of the above
you best keep reading then…

Is now the time to face your fears, save a substantial amount of $$ and get on board with this train(ing) destined for your new empowered practice model,  before it leaves the station??

The MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics has been called the single greatest change-maker to people’s clinical practice and likened to a total brain reboot. Not only with respect to the interpretation of patients’ results but to your complete understanding of integrative physiology. Liver function tests become markers of mitochondrial function, muscle mass and much more. Patterns in routine labs make patent the otherwise ‘invisible’: central and peripheral sleep-disordered breathing, the earliest signs of bone demineralisation etc  And now it has a new sibling MasterCourse II: Thyroid & Adrenal Diagnostics.

Never attended a Watch Party with me? So while this might be some people’s nightmare (!) it’s like having me & my clone in stereo, simultaneously delivering the content and clearing up any confusion, answering any questions you have as we go.  How does this magic happen? Well, as I have pre-recorded every session it enables me to sit in with you and answer your questions in real-time as they arise via the chatbox.  We also open up for additional questions at the completion of the content to boot!

If I could share one thing with all health professionals – this would be it – absolute confidence and competency in reading labs through both a mainstream & integrative medicine lens.

Revolutionise your understanding of thyroid, adrenal, HPT & HPA markers based on the very latest research and findings & marry these together with everything you learned in MasterCourse I (ELFTs, FBE, Lipids & Glucose) to understand the ‘whole story’.

The primary objective of MasterCourse II is to realise the true value we can extract from the most commonly performed labs in regards to Thyroid – including TFTs, all thyroid antibodies & key nutrients – as well as the additional value of some specialist tests in particular patients, including rT3 & thyroid imaging.

Regarding Adrenal & HPA assessment – while none of these are considered ‘routine labs’ the aim of the content is to help you understand all the options & various combinations of markers (Cortisol, ACTH, DHEAs), medium (blood, urine, saliva) and moments (am, pm, 24hr, pre and post-stress etc).  In the final session we explore some ‘deep dive’ cases that incorporate everything that we’ve learned about the assessment of these two connected key neuroendocrine circuits…marrying this with every scrap of diagnostic detective work we’ve mastered from MasterCourse I!

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