I’m getting a sore neck from this, but looking back at 2017 and looking ahead to how I want 2018 to be, is of course perfectly appropriate for this time of year. 

And if we don’t take this opportunity for a little bit of reflection and review then we risk our growth:  both personal & professional.

Looking back, as always there were both highlights and some lowlights  – highlights for me included receiving the BIMA lecturer of the year award,  being asked to speak in Europe and getting out from behind the computer and coming face to face with more and more practitioners as I toured around – sorry webinar junkies…but long live LIVE REAL PRESENTERS & PRACTITIONERS!  Lowlights? Well they included of course the private health insurance reform in Australia…enough said.

Looking forward, here’s what (I think) I know will happen in 2018 for me:

  • My kids will finish school…FOREVER!
  • I’ll have the absolute privilege of being a mentor to a couple of hundred dedicated health practitioners
  • I’ll get olderAGAIN..duh! (so predictable)
  • The new Update in Under 30 Premium Package will create a bit of a buzz with practitioner’s now able to access every UU30 recording from our vast retrospective library!…stay tuned
  • I’ll speak on acid base balance in Slovakia…NOT in Slovakian note… at a venue in Slovakia but fortunately in my native Mullumbimbian tongue
  • The Australian Naturopathic Summit will continue to redefine what a conference for naturopaths really should deliver, look and feel like
  • I will have every best intention to significantly reduce my work hours so I can be the ‘quiet and still mother’ I aspire to be, for my childrens’ last year of school…but possiby (eek!) fail
  • I will learn to play drums…yeah about the ‘quiet’ bit…
  • I will learn A LOT through multiple avenues but especially via bearing witness to the incredible impact the right nutritional and herbal approach can have on people…that continues to wow me after all these years

And that’s what ultimately keeps us all going right?  

What do you think is ahead for you this year? 😉

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