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The Canary in the Mine – Assessing Androgens in Men

Often I find practitioners are a bit mystified by the male hormonal milieu and their skills at interpreting androgen results are patchy compared with their confidence in female hormone investigation.  Yet, just like in females, understanding the sex hormones is a...

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Communities need for happiness can amplify negative moods

Societies promotion of happiness and happiness campaigns puts expectations on people of how they should feel.  Expectations of happiness may be making sad people feel worse. Psychologist, Brock Bastian from the University of Queensland and colleagues, have...

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Honey for a night-time cough

Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) are a normal part of childhood that often disturb sleep, parents and children alike, but a simple dose of honey may just be the remedy needed.  A recent study published in Pediatrics (Aug 6 2012) has confirmed that honey is...

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Numb feet reveal deeper woes

Mid-40 female presents with acute onset pain in both feet and hands. Questioning reveals that she has experienced episodic numbness in her feet over the past 2 years.  Patient suspects gout but blood urate levels are normal and patient’s diet and lifestyle not...

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